Beautiful white roses

Project 365 2015 week 28

It’s week 28 of Project 365, a photo a day for a year, and as usual it’s a bit of a mix up.

We don’t have many flowers in our garden (well, some now dying wild cloves, and some rose shrubs that crop up each year), so I make the most of admiring the in laws when we’re over in their garden.  N cycles round, I take photos.  The white roses are beautiful at the moment and so thick with flowers. The photos I took of them on Sunday (and later in the week) made them look like stunning wedding displays of flowers.

Beautiful white roses

Monday and I was struggling by the evening, realising that I’d not taken any photos all day.  In the end I spotted N’s strewn farm animals having been shocked into all lying down by an ACDC cd and took this amusing (if rubbish technically) photo.

farm fall out

Tuesday was the parents morning at N’s new school.  It was largely a waste of 1.5 hours of my time.  I think it would have been better in the evening, with more chance for the parents to talk. Instead we sat in a semi circle, then the admin, head and reception teacher talked us through forms we had to fill in (I’m sure we could have just been sent them), and telling us that it really helps in school if you read to your child, talk about numbers and letters all the time.  A bit of a nobrainer, and a bit preachy considering the parental demographic of the school is likely to be educated and interested in their children, helping them get ahead.  Bit of a shame, because it could have been more valuable, but I’ve since heard that it was better than one at another nearby school.

new school report and forms

N is obsessed by the apples growing on the trees outside our house.  Every so often he remembers they’re there, and on Wednesday, he wanted to sniff the apples to check they were ready. He doesn’t seem to want to listen to me when I say August/September.

checking the apple growth

Thursday was another low photo day until I spotted N doing a bit of a log obstacle course.  These are outside the front door, left over from last Winter.  The perfect spot for a bit of a log walk to practise balancing.

log obstacle course

Friday we were mooching around in the garden, and N and his dad nipped to next door’s garden for a chat. Next thing I knew, N was climbing out of the cow’s field and back into our garden.  I’m not sure what he was doing in the cows field or why, especially with them being a lot of bullocks who’re always nosy of anything new appearing in their field, but he was fine.  I loved this photo, and a series of others – he looks like he’s hanging in mid air, with his feet on the wire rather than the fence itself!

hanging on the fence

Saturday was mostly a chore day, with swimming (albeit the last ‘fun’ swim of lessons before the summer holiday), a nip into town and getting some bits ready for N’s non-birthday party on Sunday. Then at the last minute we had a spontaneous bbq to go to.  There was just 6 of us adults and then 5 kids with a range of ages from N at 4 years to his cousin at 13 years.  They all did brilliantly – with their big paddling pool proving a draw to N.  In the end, the older 2 boys and N ended up stripping down to pants and boxers and were in the pool splashing about.  N loved it!

checking the paddling pool

Next week’s going to involve a lot of camping preparation. It’s now getting closer and I’m panicking that there’s quite a bit I’ve still to get, including food to organise.  I also need to get used to using my new phone camera – at the moment I’m struggling to get clear shots with it, although I have now got it on a normal size setting.

project 365

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    1. Today’s settling in session was much better and N seemed to enjoy it, so all good. Just to buy the uniform now.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  1. I am impressed with your daily photos, I have a hard time getting in one a week for silent Sunday! I am really partial to florals, and the one you took of the roses is gorgeous.

    1. It is a bit hardcore. I do struggle with week days in particular. There’s only so many pictures of my lunch or work desk I can take! I’ve turned into a flower picture lover – so I love taking photos of them now.
      Thanks for commenting Nikki

  2. Thankfully ours wasn’t too bad. I knew quite a few of the parents – N will know 8 of the 15 starting because he’s been at the 2 nurseries where the majority already go. It was just really tedious, and it could have been a lot more useful.

    N’s in school for the day tomorrow. We get to go in and talk to the lunch suppliers (all I need to know is whether he’ll get decent sized portions or not) and uniform suppliers. I’m hoping he won’t feel out of place because half of the children seem to be going in in school uniform, but I’m currently struggling with finding trousers that fit!

    Hope Z’s goes well

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