week 19 project 365 daily photos

Project 365: Daily photo – week 19

We’re up to week 19 of taking a daily photo for Project 365.  This week’s been easier than some in the past, as the bank holiday and some lovely weather meant we got out and about.  And N’s been displaying some ‘interesting’ toddler behaviour, so I had to get some snaps to remind myself (and him) of this further down the line.

week 19 project 365 daily photos

Sunday – we spent the morning at Charlecote Park, National Trust.  We had a great time, with N’s favourite part probably being the climbing inside a tree trunk.

Monday was the bliss of another bank holiday.  We went to Blenheim Palace (after renewing my annual membership again) to watch the jousting.  N loves the little train there, although the first ride we had the most noisy annoying children behind us I’d ever experienced.  We shared a carriage with another family and their 2 boys behaved similarly to N – excited, chatty, pointing things out etc, Sometimes I think people might look at N walking quietly beside me holding my hand, and think how quiet, polite and well controlled he is, but they nice children in our carriage reassured me that it’s not just N being quite, it’s just nice polite behaviour when out…little did I know that Saturday would be on the way!

Tuesday and I remembered that I now have 5mg warfarin tablets as well as blue and brown 3 and 1mg.  My INR tests have been consistent for the last 3 checks (probably 2.5 months) after taking it for almost 6 months which is a relief.  I’ve also been able to have more than a couple of packets in one go this time as well, so it’ll save me a fair amount of money.

Wednesday just summed up how much N is eating at the moment.  I must check his height, as I think he’s going through a growth spurt at the moment.  He’s definitely a bit rattier.  Although he’s always been a hungry boy, it’s been insane this week.  The OH always tells me to hide food to stop him snacking, but I’d have to lock the fridge, lock the larder.  N just grabs chairs, drags them to the work tops and helps himself now anyway, so there’s not really anywhere to hide food.

Thursday saw me do a bit of summer shopping.  I do tend to buy a size in advance for N, but had thought that last year’s shorts would probably still fit him now he’s out of nappies.  Unfortunately that’s not the case, so I’ve had to stock up on shorts.  This haul was from Gap as they were doing a couple of days of 25% shorts, so got quite a good deal.  For £51, I bought 2 t shirts, 3 pairs of shorts and some pyjamas for him.  Because I’d spent over £50 I also got a £10 gift card.

Friday was the day N was having his first playdate with someone who is his friend rather than the parent being my friend.  This was his best friend from day nursery – they’ve been reunited now that his friend has moved up to pre-school room, and love playing together.  I’ve obviously never really seen them in action together, although his mum is nursery manager.  Luckily the weather held off, and even after a day at nursery school, N had a blast running round the park with his friend.  Hopefully we’ll get together some more out of nursery should time allow as it’s lovely for him to have his own friend.  Oh, and I got to chit chat with someone new I don’t really know as well.

Oh dear, Saturday.  N’s generally really well behaved, but in town this morning, he was a nightmare.  At least there was no actual kicking, screaming or crying, but he just moaned the whole way round.  We only went to the butchers, the book shop, and to the bank, but he wanted to be carried even though he’s now too heavy for me to carry more than about 10 steps.  And I’d explained to him that I had 2 bags to carry anyway.  I had him lying on the floor in the shopping centre, refusing to walk, hiding from me in door ways, moaning that he didn’t want to park where we’d parked.  For what would usually have taken us 30-40 minutes, took almost 2 hours.  I was not impressed.  Even a good talking to to that effect, didn’t do the job.  He fell asleep in the car on the way home, so was obviously just tired, but it drove me mad.  Makes me relieved that he’s generally easy going.

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  1. Lovely Summer clothes there, great colours (I’ve been buying some this week as well), and I love the tree trunk hiding photo.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, new linky live from 9pm tonight.

    1. Definitely time to stock up. Just need to get myself some summer clothes now. Boo to not having been motivated to lose weight!

    1. It’s funny as I prefer being a bit out of town…means that you tend to have a canteen on site, more sociable. Here, noone lunches together, it’s all really sporadic so not very sociable. Plus being near town costs me a fortune as unless I don’t take a purse, I always buy something! Very handy for getting quick chores done instead of having to do everything at weekends

  2. Sounds like a really busy week for you. I really want to go to Blenheim as I went there as a child and it is only about an hour from us.

    1. It’s definitely worth a day trip. We’re about 30 mins away, although opt for free upgrade to family membership as for a day trip it’s quite steep.

    1. Totally embarrassing, although at least there wasn’t any screaming. I’d just stand there, or walk off for a bit, but it was a bit busy and he was in danger of being stood on…and of course all the looks from other people walking by!

  3. Great Round Up hunnie… Kids just hate shopping and my god dont they tell you about it!.. My sons just point blankly refuse to go shopping with me on a weekend, so i gladly leave them with their dad, as every 5 seconds i get “Im Bored” or “when are we going?” arghhhhhh lol #Project365

    1. N’s not got to the hatred of shopping stage yet…but maybe this is it?! I do usually do our chores during my lunch breaks at work, but I’ve had a lot on this week and not got round to it. It’s just the slowness – he doesn’t get that the quicker he does it, the faster he’ll get hom!

  4. My youngest still has her little tantrums where she will just sit and not move anywhere. I love your first photo x

    1. I’m hoping it was just because he was tired, or because his shoes weren’t comfortable as he was saying his legs wouldn’t work. He was better once he’d had a sleep. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Ooh that’s harsh having lots of tantrums. Thankfully we avoided the regular ones, so it’s quite unusual for him to be like this. Thankfully it was just in town and not the rest of the day!

    1. We didn’t head down to the main bit of the river – it was lovely though, and as most people stayed up by the house, lots of space and not many people out on the parkland areas.

    1. It’s funny because it’s tantrumming minus sound. But OMG, I had people telling me ‘I think you’ve left your son over there’, ‘your son’s on the floor’…er yes, I know that, but if I go over there I’m going to drag him up by his arm, so you’d moan at me for that. He’s best off lying there til he gets up! Thankfully he doesn’t do it often.

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