running around the garden

Project 365: photo a day week 42

I don’t think I’m the only one to have struggled this week.  The rain hasn’t been conduscive to walking at lunch times, which means less opportunity to look round and really notice things to photograph.  With evenings and mornings darker too, I really need to work on manual settings to get some decent indoor photos!

Sunday we went to the Gruffalo’s Child Trail at Wendover Woods.  N had been looking forward to seeing the Gruffalo, but when it came to it, he didn’t want to get close.  The nearest he got was poking him with a stick.

poking the Gruffalo at Wendover Woods

Monday was the start of pretty much rain all week, so no decent or interesting photos.  Until it got to bedtime, and yet again I found N set up in his ‘den’ of pillows…and not in his own bed either.

sleeping in his den

This week was a successful competition win week.  I’ve not entered that much recently (not compared with previous years when I comped a lot), but Tuesday’s post had a great bundle of picture books and activity books from a giveaway I won as part of the 300 picture book challenge.  It took about 5 months to turn up – poor Anne-Marie at Child Led Chaos had a lot going on, but it was worth the wait.  A real mix of books, and we’ve already read a few.  The baby ones we’ll give to my friend who’s just had a baby.

competition win of book bundle

Since going on holiday, I’ve not done anything with my tomatoes, assuming they were at the end of their life.  It appears not, and Wednesday through to Saturday I’ve been picking more red tomatoes off the plants, with more ready to turn.

red tomatoes still growing in October

Thursday I picked N up from nursery and they mentioned he had what looked like spots appearing, and had spent 90% of the day not wanting to do much and/or lying down.  Very unusual, and once he was home he flaked out.  He still wanted to wear the dressing up racing driver hat that was in a bag of dressing up costumes that a friend of a friend gave us.

poorly boy resting with racing driver hat

Friday I had to work from home as N had day 2 of a fever, and we were on chicken pox spot look out.  He’s got a few goose bumpy spots, although at one point his tummy and chest were a blotchy rash rather than spots.  He’s had chicken pox before but only 5 spots and no other symptoms, so we’ve been on tenterhooks and it seems it going round both his nurseries has now meant he’s got it again.  I struggled to get down his fever all day, and he mostly watched tv, snuggled with me or slept.  He was even off his food, not eating much.  But he did insist on an indoor picnic for his lunch.

indoor picnic lunch

Thankfully, Saturday he woke with his temperature back to normal, and a couple of extra spots, although he’s now a bit blotchier around his pants waistband.  So far he’s not been itching at all, so hope that continues, and really hope he doesn’t get too many more spots.

As always with these things, it couldn’t have come at a more annoying time…so far 2 days cancelled – Blog Camp, a meet up with a uni friend and her children who I’ve not seen in 2 1/2 years, and I’ve got 3 pieces of work that need writing and turning live next week as well as a workshop I’m running that’s been in diaries 6 weeks.  Fingers crossed the spots blister quickly and the OH can have N on the afternoon of the workshop at least.

Apart from his appetite not being main meal focused, N’s been on much better form, even wanting to get outside for some fresh air.  He spent about an hour outside playing on his own.  It’s essential to wear overalls even when running round the garden.

running around the garden

Hopefully I’ll have more of an eye out on possible photos next week.  You can see what others have been up to over at the Boy and Me.

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    1. He’s mostly ok now the fever’s gone, although a bit tired. Some spots have gone, but don’t think he’ll be let into nursery. OH will have to look after him for a bit.

  1. Ah so cute in his little overalls. It really has been a ghastly week hasn’t it? And so many bugs going round! Glad N is feeling better 🙂

  2. I’m glad to hear that N is feeling better, but they always get sick at the worst possible times don’t they?! Love the shot of N poking the Gruffalo with a stick and the last one of him running around 🙂

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