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Project 365 2015 week 46

It’s week 46 of Project 365, a photo a day.  This week’s been full of ups and downs, with my nan having died after some time hospital, and a year in a home for dementia where she really was frail (she was nearly 91).  Here’s our week 46.

Sunday was another day spent at home.  N was out on the farm most of the day, but he did pick up his phonics worksheet to practise some writing letters.  Mostly I have to promise him a sweet or the like to get him to do any, but if he’s just wandering around the house on his own, then he’l pick it up and complete it.

Practising phonics

On Monday I went into town at lunchtime.  There’s a couple of Christmas shops springing up, so I nipped into one to get the baubles I’d spotted a few weekend ago.  This store had a huge row of these snownen.

snowmen models in a Christmas shop

On Tuesday, N had a touch of hyper after afterschool club.  He wanted to be rolled up in the blanket and then covered up.  His dad duly obliged, adding cushions.

sandwiched child

On Wednesday, I had N’s school photo come home.  I’ve been really pleases with them, but crikey it was hard choosing which basic one to order.

first school photo

On Thursday evening I had to make some cakes for the school to sell for Children in Need. Well, they were asking for people to bring in cakes, and I hadn’t done for the Macmillan coffee morning, so thought I should make an effort this time.  I decided to go easy with a packet mix for the cake. Very lazy, but I was short of time. Usually when I make basic cupcakes I’ll put in a little spoon of apple sauce to keep them moist. Unfortunately I over filled and they ended up all over the tin.  I decided I’d tidy them up, and put icing over them.  Unfortunately they still looked terrible and the batter had been a wetter one than normal, so the apple had sunk to the bottom.  N still proclaimed them tasty, and insisted that we still take them in which I was mortified about, but then they seemed pleased (all the other cakes by the time I arrived, were shop bought ones)

children in need cakes

On Friday, I was back trawling the local shops.  The second Christmas shop of the week – I couldn’t believe they had this giant Buzz Lightyear (and a Woody in the window).  Not really Christmas, but cool for Toy Story fans – if they can afford £670!

giant buzz lightyear

Saturday was a wet day, and a day of chores.  Swimming lesson, food shop, and other bits, then off to clear out my nan’s former room at the home.  I spotted these stunning flowers in the supermarket – I loved the contrast of the lime green and bright pink.

pretty flower

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  1. sorry to hear about your gran, I hope sorting her room wasn’t too painful for you. I love the row of hanging snowmen, were they expensive?

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your nan loosing someone is so hard and I hope that you are coping. What a fab school picture, that is a lovely big smile. T would love to see that huge Buzz Lightyear but wow it was expensive!! x #project365

  3. Very sorry to hear about your Nan. It’s still sad even when grandparents are old and frail.
    The saga of your Children in Need cakes made me laugh. N’s school photo is brilliant! You must have been so pleased.

  4. oh I am so sorry about your Nan lovely. (hugs)
    Lovely school photo – he has a gorgeous smile.
    that huge Buzz is so cool but you would need to be a die hard fan to fork out that much for it. x

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