Sun through the trees

Project 365 2015 – week 10

We’re into week 10 of Project 365 – time seems to be whizzing by ever faster. It’s been a busy week, not helped by my having a few days off soon.  Needless to say I’ve still not booked anywhere – N and I will just be rocking up somewhere at the rate I’m planning the time away.

So onto the photos for this week:

Sunday we went to Blenheim Palace in the morning, and we also managed to get round to putting up our butterfly habitat in preparation for the warmer weather (we’re being optimistic).  N was mooching in the garden when I took this.  I always try and keep his coat zipped up because always ends up with it drooping off his shoulders. Surely it must be uncomfortable…and cold?

1st Mae 2015 (Sun)

Monday was a tired day. After nursery N just needed some chill out time.  Obviously with a teddy bear pile up next to him.  I can’t believe he’s still sucking his thumb, although I don’t notice it as much. We’ve got dentist appointments soon, so I’m sure they’ll be telling him to try and stop.  No excuses N!

chilling with his teddies

Tuesday was the day that his day nursery were dressing up for World Book Day because they had a children’s book author visiting.  I tried to persuade N to go as Mr Bump, but he’d already told people at nursery he’d be going as Spiderman or in his Gruffalo onesie (which wasn’t really practical because the feet in it means he can’t wear shoes).  On the day, he did actually go in dressed up which I was surprised about because he usually refuses….well, outfit but no hat.

World book day as Spiderman

On Wednesday driving home I finally decided to stop and take a photo.  I’ve been admiring the view for weeks at this point.  There’s a hill with trees on top, and the sunset usually streams through it.  That day it was just so bright but I loved how it looked like a sepia silhouette.

Sun through the trees

Thursday was the night of the torch.  N loves a torch and he was using it through yoghurt pots for some reason.  I wanted to prick holes and shapes in the bottom, but he wasn’t letting go!  (Excuse the mess, our living room house always looks like this even after I’ve tidied up).

playing with torches

Friday we nipped over to help set up our local NCT sale.  It’s a bit deja vu for me, because it’s held in my old secondary school.  Several of us had our children along and it was lovely to see them all get on so well.  I was hoping to wait for a bit longer until N started pulling in the girls like this!  Considering it must have been boring for them, the children were really good.  They even helped bringing out the benches – it was so cute seeing them working together in pairs and so excited to help.

Attracting the girls

And if you’ve never been to an NCT nearly new sale, then this is what one looks like in full swing.  I was working on the stage, sorting out and handing over the large equipment and toys, which was a brilliant place to see everything going on.  Another sale gone, roll on September’s.

NCT Banbury Nearly New sale

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  1. Nice to hear the children were a good help and that they played away together nicely, makes you proud and all the hard work worth while.
    That tree and sun picture was well worth stopping for, its great.
    Thumb sucking is a pain, and my daughter only stopped when she got a brace fitted by the dentist, hope he out grows it soon.

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