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Project 366 2016 week 25 – outdoors

It’s another week of Project 366, into week 25 of a photo a day for a year.  The weather’s not been great, although we have managed to get outside a bit after school and work.

On Sunday, N was mucking around outside when I turned round to spot him tucking in his hoody, and using some string from the farm as a belt.

farmer boy clothes

On Monday, it was the start of sports week hence the scruffy casual wear. Although why I found him on the table, I have no idea.

relaxing on the table

Tuesday saw another evening of gorgeous sunny weather, in fact a brilliant golden hour for photography.  N spent a lot of time playing with the water from the water table, washing his gator.  That’s one of his favourite jobs, and surprisingly he did’t get too wet. He does look grown up here.

water work it he garden

On Wednesday, I looked out of the window to see all 3 sheepdogs roaming around our back garden. They seemed to be enjoying all of N’s old toys still strewn around.

sheepdog nosying

On Thursday I spotted these funky bright suitcases in Tiger. I love the store, but really try not to fritter away money on things in there that are quirky, but that I don’t really need.

funky bright suitcases

On Friday morning, I quickly headed over to Milton Keynes to buy a new laptop.  I love the yarn covered trees in John Lewis.  They always make me smile to see them.  Afterwards I headed off to sports day and then quickly into London for the BML16 blogging conference.

quirky yarnhill in John Lewsi

After a great day on Saturday at BML16, I arrived back home quite late, but still in time to see and photograph a beautiful sunset.  I’d not seen N since sports day, but he was having a sleepover at the farm while the OH went out for a meal, so I had a relaxing evening sorting everything out before trying (and failing) to get an early night.

sunset over the skyline

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