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This time last year, I was preparing N to start school. Aside from the social and practical aspects, I was hoping to build on his (basic and disinterested) learnings from nursery in phonics and numbers. And that’s where Reading Eggs came in.

You can read more about our experience with Reading Eggs although I have to admit that our use of it is extremely sporadic. Mainly because N prefers to learn through play and hates waiting for electronics to move on to the next activity. He doesn’t play apps for example, he just prefers watching YouTube. But even now he’s at school, he does sometimes say ‘Let’s do the reading games on your computer’.

Reading Eggs screenshots

N’s current reading level and knowledge of phonics is well past the basic level he’s reached on Reading Eggs because we don’t do it often enough, but it’s a great reminder to him of the sounds and letters he knows, plus it makes learning more fun than some of the tedious reading books he’s bringing home. We need to make more of our subscription and help give N the confidence over the summer that he’ll remember what he’s learnt, and possible catch up and move on to newer and harder reading activities.

For pre-schoolers getting ready for school, it’s an easy way to help them learn. They can take learning to read at their own pace, it’s fun, and (some – not mine, who’s never that bothered) get excited and motivated about rewards and seeing the golden eggs handed out.

Reading Eggs are running their latest Get ready for school campaign with 5 weeks free trail. It’s perfect for those rising 5s, making letters and reading part of every day life and getting a head start for starting school. You can check out their Ready for school webpage, and also sign up for their 5 week free trial but get in quick, you’ve only got until the end of June.


Disclosure: We’re Golden Eggsplorers, and work with Reading Eggs to promote the programme.

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  1. We may have to try reading eggs. I need to find an app which I can add J’s spellings for the week into and have them pop up every now and then for him to remember and try.

    1. Sounds like a good way although I’m trying to get N off screens. Ideally I’d stick them up round the house but the OH refuses

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