Christmas Glade candle

Project 365 2015 week 51

Only one week to go until the end of Project 365, a photo a day for a year.

On Sunday, we put up the tree.  We had the Christmas music playing, the lights twinkling and this Glade Christmas candle going.  I don’t often use candles but I couldn’t resist the smell of this one.  N’s interest does mean I need to put it well up out of the way.

Christmas Glade candle

On Monday I did a quick nip to the shops at lunchtime, and spotted these cool bauble sticks at the florist’s stand.  I’m not sure what you’d use them for, but they looked great in the bucket.

Giant silver bauble sticks

N’s been waking up earlier than ever. 4.20 one morning, around 5am the rest of the time.  Argghhh. On Tuesday though I woke up to see N in bed with me.  He then slept in until 7.20.  I couldn’t believe it.  Shame he couldn’t do 7 every day.

Sleeping little boy with soft toy cow

On Wednesday it was our team’s Christmas lunch.  16 of us went to the Thai Orchid restaurant for their lunchtime buffet.  I do enjoy thai food and that restaurant is brilliant.  I’m not sure that I’m good with buffets on the whole.  I prefer chicken or beef, but many of the dishes I love were duck or fish which I’m not keen on or dislike.  There were so many desserts though. I had to try a bit of each, but the rest of the day I was so stuffed, I could hardly move.  It wasn’t a diet day!

Thai buffet desserts

On Thursday I stuck my head in N’s room to check what state it was in, to find this scene set up. Every single teddy set up either tucked up under a duvet or on the blanket.

teddies lined up under blankets and duvets

There’ve been some great sunrises this week again, and on Friday I looked out to get some photos and spotted one of the farm cats walking the fences.  It didn’t stay long, escaping into next door’s garden when he heard me open the window.

farm cat walking round garden fences

I’d order a couple of pairs of trainers online in the sale for N to try.  He’s weird with trainers and always says they’re too tight. So on Saturday we had to return the ones I’d ordered and find some that he was happy with.  Of course, the shops didn’t have much in his size, so a choice of 3 and the ones that fit best (and that I agreed to – no dinosaur pictures all over) were the ones not in the sale. Grr, I do begrudge paying full price for a pair of trainers that will get wrecked really quickly.

As soon as the shop worker left the room, N was off sprawling all over the seats, trying to escape into the middle of them. Typical boy destroying the place.

sprawling in the shoe shop

project 365

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  1. I am with you, I would rather buy it on a sale than pay full price, unfortunately we cannot put off things like shoes.
    At least if he sneaks in and sleeps a bit longer it is not so bad.
    I love smelly candles.

  2. Aww at the teddy bears tucked in. We have the same much-loved Tiger who came to tea. The bauble sticks look super. Hop your little man will sleep longer these mornings. Merry Christmas!

    1. Me too. Although thankfully a lot of the time I don’t hear him going downstairs, it’s only when he yells up wanting breakfast that I realise he’s not still asleep.

  3. i remember my two doing that with their toys . and we have that bedding with the planets on!
    blimey your boy has been waking you up early – i thought 6am was early enough here for the last few weeks!
    wishing you a merry christmas x

  4. We used to go to a Thai buffet restaurant at work. I remember that dreadful stuffed feeling, but it was always impossible to resist the food! Those bauble sticks are very unusual – I haven’t seen those anywhere. Love the photo of N’s teddies all tucked up.
    4.20 wake up?! I think even I would struggle with that!
    Hope you all have a lovely Christmas. x

  5. I hate shoe shopping at the best of times! Are the baubles on sticks to add to bouquets of flowers to bling them up and make them all Christmassy? The Thai food sounds lovely – one of my favourites. Hope you have a Happy Christmas x x

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