Back in the summer, we reviewed these great giant inflatable dinosaurs from Prezzybox.

N loved them and the triceratops has been moving round the house as he’s played with it.  It’s lasted really well until he decided to continually use it as a space hopper, and tv watching chair.  I was impressed that it’s lasted so long when nearly 3 stone of child has been sitting on it and bashing it around.  Finally last week I patched it up in several places, until he continued sitting on it.  Grrrr.

friends with his dinosaur

Rather than let him keep the second dinosaur toy – because he doesn’t deserve it if he’s going to continue riding them and eventually burst them – I’m going to be giving away the Tyrannosaurus Rex version to one lucky reader.  This is brand new and will make a great toy, or decoration for a dinosaur mad child.

giant inflatable dinosaurs from Prezzybox
T Rex toy up for grabs

To be in with a chance of winning, just answer the question in the comments, and complete the rafflecopter widget.  There are various optional entry methods for extra chances to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  1. UK entry only, over 18s
  2. Giveaway closes 11.59pm 10th January 2016
  3. Entries will be validated according to the rules of entry
  4. There is 1 prize of an inflatable dinosaur.
  5. The data of anyone that enters won’t be passed on to any third parties or used for any unsolicited marketing communications.
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  1. Leanne Bell

    A T-Rex please because they are big and take the lead.

  2. Lydia Houghton

    I’d be a T-Rex.
    Finally, the respect I deserve!

  3. Danielle Graves

    A triceratops as they have a rather rotund behind just like me

  4. esther james

    I would be a T rex, perhaps my kids would listen to me then!

  5. A t-Rex because other dinosaurs would not mess with me!

  6. Dawn Hull

    I would be a Pterodactyl as I would love to be able to fly.

  7. Kelly Ellen Hirst

    I’d be a pterodactyl so I can fly everywhere


    T-Rex because they are the top of the food chain.

  9. Pam Francis Gregory

    A Pterodactyl so I don’t have to queue at an airport every again!

  10. Id be an Ancylasaur, because it has armour!

  11. Monika Suchonska

    not sure which one but it would be small and snappy and definitely a herbivore

  12. Karen Laing

    I would be a diplodocus,I’m not too sure how you spell it,but it’s a very large plant eating dinosaur.The reason I would choose this is that it’s vegetarian,just like me !

  13. Barry Ranns

    It would have to be a Spinosaurus, biggest baddest and meanest of all the predators.

  14. Jenny Barker

    Would have to be a t-rex as they are the best :0)

  15. Karen Dixon

    I would be a brontosaurus because they have cool long necks and sneeze on people

  16. Theresa Thomas

    triceratops because they look fierce

  17. Jules Naybur

    I would be a diplodocus, as I’m really short, I would love to be as tall as the trees!

  18. Karen Hughes (@Kazzer55)

    Now this question has caused a big family debate today! We decided we would love to be a pterodactyl so we could fly above the rest and use this to our advantage for finding food. Flying would also just be fun in general too!

  19. sarah evans

    a Triceratops big but gentle like myself 🙂

  20. sandy ralph

    I asked my grandson this because he is a huge dinosaur fan and he said he would like to be a velociraptor because they are the fastest of all the dinosaurs

  21. Pia Stephens

    A Stegosaurus or a Barosaurus as they were rather kind ones x

  22. jenny reynolds

    i be a big cuddly t rex because i love going for long walks x

  23. Sarah Rees

    TRex because he was king of the dinos 🙂

  24. Tom York

    An ichthyosaur , as I like the water and less predators in the sea.

  25. Stacey Guilliatt

    A pterodactyl so I could see all of the other dinosaurs from the air!

  26. I would be a Tyrannosaurs, i.e. the Tyrannosaurus Rex as they were the killing machines of the Cretaceous period and were huge and powerful, so nothing would get me!

  27. zoe somerfield

    Triceratops as I used to love them as a child and thought they looked cool with their horns.

  28. Amica Grant

    I’d be a pterodactyl Coa they’re fierce and they fly

  29. Emma Fox

    A t-rex – hopefully I will be able to terrify everyone into do as they are told.

  30. Lorraine Polley

    would love to be a t-rex, to be so tall would be fabulous as im only 5ft and struggle to reach the top of the cupboards x

  31. Dawn Andrews

    Maybe something small and cute, like a Mei.

  32. I’d be a diplodocus just because I liked them as a kid!

  33. Karen Usher

    A brachiosaurus…they are tall, Im short, so for once I could be tall without having to wear heels!

  34. Nicole S

    T Rex, then I am less likely to be eaten by anyone! 🙂

  35. ellie spider

    I’d be a Pterodactyl 🙂 cheap flights 😀

  36. Caroline Signey

    A stegosaurus because I used to have a toy one when I was younger

  37. Suzie Wilkins

    I’d be a T Rex so that everyone is scared of me !!

  38. Definitely A Pteradactyl as you can see everything that is going on below and can move pretty quickly when needed to. They are a bit aggressive though.

  39. Kelly Ibinson

    id be a stegosaurus as I think those are the cute ones!

  40. Jeremy Andrews

    A T-Rex so I would be able to RAWRRRRRR at everyone 🙂

  41. Debbie Preston

    A Gigantasaurus cos I could look down on all the others instead of looking up to people as I’m only 5ft now

  42. Meena Hindmarch

    A triceratops because they’re my little boy’s favourite

  43. Barbara Handley

    I would like to be a pterodactyl as I would be able to fly.

  44. Leaellynasaura – a very cute dinosaur with lovely big eyes! 🙂

  45. Patricia Avery

    A diplodocus. Such a long, elegant neck 🙂

  46. samantha price

    pteradactyl one wayin getting to work on time

  47. gemma nisbet

    I would be a Pteradactyl so I could fly mega fast and get a good view of everything.

  48. Bridgette West

    No contest – T-REX! I would be king (well queen) of the dinosaurs 😀

  49. Lisa Houston

    A TRex it was my fav as a child and my mum took us to a museum and she said i seen one and shouted at the top of my voice its godzilla and everyone was laughing at me lol

  50. Jill fairbank

    A stegosaurus so all the kids could use me as a climbing frame

  51. Andrew Hindley

    T-rex because I like to boogie on a Saturday night!

  52. Laura Pritchard

    A Pteradactyl as they can fly away from danger & would have a great view!

  53. Amanda Gregory

    Zigongosaurus is what I would be because it is vegetarian like me. It has a huge neck which would enable it to see for a long distant and get the tastiest of leaves.

  54. T-REX because they are like Hulk untouchable

  55. Mark Rayner

    T-Rex because I am a Meat Eater, big and fast.

  56. I would be a megalodon because they are a combination of my two favourite animals, dinosaurs and sharks

  57. Victoria Prince

    I would be a Pterodactyl so I could soar through the skies 🙂

  58. Sadiyya maryam

    T-Rex, because they were strong and fearless, unlike me!

  59. Brenda Wilkes

    I’d be a T-Rex cos I’m bigger than average!

  60. alice lightning

    a raptor fast to learn only second to the t rex for power and strength

  61. A Diplodocus because they look kinda goofy!

  62. I’d be a brachiosaurus so I could get over my fear of heights and have a good old look around from up there.

  63. Kerry Smith

    I’d be a diplodocous they’re bumbling a bit porky but generally well meaning

  64. Sharon Burroughs

    I would have to be a Velociraptor , fast and intelligent.

  65. Kirsty Fox

    I would be a raptor, they are fast and scary.

  66. Kirsty Woods

    I would be a T-Rex because i’m big and scary ROAR 🙂

  67. Angela Paull

    It would have to be a Velociraptor – fast and deadly!

  68. Layla Thomas

    I’d love to be a Parasauralophus, I loved their horn on the top of their heads.

  69. Charlotte Rawlins

    A stegosaurus because it’s my son’s favorite!

  70. Heather Brannam

    It has to be T-Rex because it is the biggest and best

  71. Courtney Powell

    triceratops are my sons absolute favorite!

  72. I’d probably want to be a t-rex as it is one of the largest

  73. Jenny Prest

    Definitely a Pterodactyl so I could fly all over the world!

  74. A triceratops as it’s my 4 year old daughter and fave dinosaur!

  75. Chris Fletcher

    I’d be a Plesiosaur – I’ve always wanted to explore the depths of the ocean!

  76. Jessica Hutton

    A Pteradactyl because I would love to fly xx

  77. Catriona Hutchinson

    I’d be a dipladocus. Gentle but safe and living with all my family.

  78. David Crabb

    I’d be a T-Rex at the top of the chain unbothered by predators… But I’d be a vegetarian one!!

  79. Hayley Colburn

    Whichever is the toughest, I wouldn’t wanna be eaten

  80. Helen Porter

    A t-rex because there big and brave and scared of nothing!


    Well, when I have my nephew over I’m actually a Lee-Rex. I run after him with my arms tight to my chest just like a T-Rex. He finds it funny so that’s what counts! 🙂

  82. charlotte qualter

    I would be a Stegosaurus as my son says he loves me as much a stegosaurus every night before he goes to bed even getting a tattoo of one on my thigh next week!

  83. Um, I’d probably be the biggest and ugliest dinosaur so I could frighten the others.

  84. Katherine Coldicott

    I’d be a veggie dinosaur like a Diplodocus.

  85. elaine stokes

    a t rex because I can roar the loudest!!!!!!

  86. Caroline Cordery

    I’d be a vegetarian, but a big one so i’m not prey

  87. Stacey Leigh

    Definitely a Diplodocus, Littlefoot from the Land Before Time was my hero growing up! xx

  88. Vickie Jackson

    I’d be Velociraptor, always watching to learn new things. And very very sneaky!

  89. Mark Scott

    I would be a triceratops so that I could knock the food down from the trees lol

  90. pteradactyl so I could get away from the rest of them

  91. Sue Bowden

    I’d be a Diplodocus big and heavy with a long neck so that I could see over the tree tops xxx

  92. katrina walsh

    The stegosaurus – with that beautiful frilly neck 🙂

  93. Jane Middleton

    t rex so I don’t get eaten by others

  94. Rhia Drew

    I would love to be a Pterosaur so I could have the ability to fly!

  95. caroline kelly

    T rex, to reach the top shelves in the supermarket!

  96. Katie Walker

    A triceratops they are my favourite dinosaur and I could show off my three horns.

  97. ZacharyB

    T rex cause I’m short and would love to feel height :).


    I would be a Megalodon shark, no real predators being and with the ability to replace ones own teeth there would be no need to go to the dentist

  99. Rich Tyler

    Pterodactyls – for a birds eye view of the world

  100. Leanne Perrett

    i would be a triceratops because three horns are better than one 🙂

  101. caroline walliss

    A t-rex because they’re scared of nothing.x

  102. Jamie Millard

    T-REX. The power and the status, even though he can’t do pushups.

  103. Tara Davies

    I’d be a triceratops so I could give people a poke with my horn if they got on my nerves ha ha.

  104. Suzanne Roberts

    I would be a pterodactyl so that I could fly over the earth in the Jurassic age and watch all those big and small dinosaurs. It would be truly amazing.

  105. tracey grevatt

    a fatosaurus so I could eat all the other dinosaurs

  106. Kayleigh White

    Pterodactyls – so I can fly out of the reach of the jaws of the T-Rex!

  107. Kristy Brown

    I would be a diplodocus so that I can experience being tall for once

  108. stephen holman

    t rex so no one will mess with me !!

  109. Lisa Everaert

    A pterodactyl so i can make fun of the T-Rex as i circle around his head.

  110. Lizzy Cooper

    Id be a T rex because they’re awesome and can do what they like!


    TRex of course! No one would mess with me!

  112. lyn burgess

    A t- Rex because he is so tall, and it would be lovely to look down on other dinosaurs

  113. Becky Yeomans

    A T-Rex because they are so cute with tiny arms lol! 😀

  114. Elizabeth Hinds

    I would love to be a pterodactyl so that I could fly 🙂

  115. cheryl pearson

    no idea, I actually don’t think I would like to be a dinosaur!!!

  116. emma hunt

    I’d be a Microraptor so i could see the world at birds eye view.

  117. Theresaparker

    T Rex cause he’s cool and strong also cause my mum loved the group t Rex when I was young!

  118. Clair Dukes

    I would be a T-Rex because I’m the strongest dinosaur (answer from my son) and T-Rex is ferocious!

  119. Stephanie Whitehouse

    That little one the size of a chicken – doesn’t look too complicated to be

  120. Rachel Butterworth

    a T.Rex of course. They’re the coolest.

  121. Keri Jones

    I would be a Spinosaurus. They look really cool and fierce with their long snout and big fin on their backs 🙂 x

  122. Danielle Cresswell

    A Raptor because they are intelligent and live in family groups X

  123. Corinne Peat

    A t- Rex because he is strong and the other dinosaurs are scared of him!

  124. Chris Andrews

    If you could be a dinosaur what would you be and why? . . . . . . . a diplodocus – l just love the sound of the name

  125. Julie Ward

    T Rex, the grandchildren might listen to me when I roar, they would most probably just laugh


    A pteradactyl – so I could fly on holiday without having to pay the air fare

  127. Victoria N

    A brontosaurus as I would be tall for once!

  128. abigail edkins

    a pterodactyl, to be able to fly would be awesome

  129. Lindsey macneill

    I’d be a T’Rex because I love their music lol…

  130. triceratops as they are my favourite just looks so cute

  131. Rhiannon Alwen

    Brachiosaurus because you’re big enough that no one will mess with you, but you don’t do all that hunting nonsense so you can just chill all day munching on leaves.

  132. I would be a raptor, as they are very clever, hunt in packs and socialise 🙂

  133. pamela gossage

    I would be a Diplodocus because they are not meat eaters and look kind

  134. grace collins

    a t-rex as i like to be the bossy one!

  135. I would be a T-Rex to be the boss of all bosses

  136. Stephanie Tsang

    I would be a Pterodactyl so that I could fly.

  137. A Spinosaurus – my son’s favourite and the biggest of the dinosaurs 😀

  138. debbie smith

    im quite short so id be a diplodocus and be a lot taller lol xx

  139. Juliet Wilson

    I always wanted to be a diplodocus because they were such gentle giants

  140. jackie curran

    Flying would be amazing , so I would be a Pterodactyl

  141. Hannah Igoe

    I would be a stegasaurus because I like to swing my spikey tail

  142. Rebecca Smith

    A T-Rex so I could ROAR the loudest and be safe from all the others and stomp around

  143. Kayleigh-Anne Watkins

    I would be a pteradactyl to keep away from all the big dinosaurs who wanted to eat me on the ground lol xxx

  144. Nicola McC

    I think I’d like to be a Brontosaurus. I’m a wee shortie so it would be nice to be tall for a change and I don’t think I’m ferocious enough to be a carnivore!

  145. Michelle O'Neill

    Pterodactyl . so i could fly through the air

  146. a Stegasaurus, as I was always intrigued by them at school – they look one of the nicer ones yet still fierce enough!

  147. Donna Caldwell

    Id be a diplodocus I’d be remembered as one of the longest I’d see all around imagine that feeling of looking down on everything

  148. I would love to be a pterodacty, so that i could fly around and take note of what everybody is doing, and keep a eye on my children! 😉

  149. Keith Hunt

    A T-Rex to scare all the doorstep salesmen away.


    I’d love to fly so I’d be a pterodactyl

  151. Lynsey Buchanan

    Pterodactyl so I could soar the skies

  152. claire haskins

    i would be a t rex the most powerful

  153. Jamie Edwards

    An iguanodon because they look right strange!

  154. sarah clegg

    T-rex- meaniest around! no1 would mess with me 😀

  155. I would be the good dinosaur as he has a good heart 🙂

  156. karen cowley

    I’d be a pterodactyl , the idea of being a flying dinosaur is awesome x

  157. I would be a compsognathus – small, speedy, intelligent and a survivor!

  158. Neil Dobson

    I would be a T-Rex for sure because it was the biggest and most dangerous!

  159. Olga carpenter

    T. rex I am a short lady and it would be nice to look down on people for the first time

  160. sarah rees

    I would love to be a velociraptor as they are our family favourite

  161. Dawn Gould

    A pteradactyl, I’d love to be able to fly x

  162. Id be a diplodocus, because i like the way it sounds and its veggie

  163. Katie Skeoch

    A pterodactyl so I could see all the dinosaur world!

  164. aaron broad

    I would be a T-rex so I could mess up stuff


    I would be a T-Rex . They were more likely to survive, having less predators .

  166. Becca Staples

    T.rex, i’m short so having some height would be good x

  167. Liam Bishop

    A Velociraptor, because they are clever!

  168. Michaela Hannah

    I’d be a Brontosaurus because they are huge and dont have to kill to eat!

  169. tracy sinclair

    A T-Rex because they are big and strong and can look after themselves the best x

  170. Angela treadway

    A t-rex who is mean and fierce and takes nothing from no one x

  171. Anne Jenkins

    A pterodactyl so I could fly to different destinations as live in a very remote Welsh Village

  172. Katie leavy

    T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus rex) as its my nephews favourite as they are huge and can run really fast around 20 miles an hour!

  173. I think I’d be a pterodactyl fly high, be ignored by other dinosaurs and have little pterodactyl babies ha!

  174. Claire Ward

    I’d be a velociraptor because of there speed

  175. Paula Readings

    I would be a BRACHIOSAURUS because i think they are the gentle giants of the Dinosaur world & they were cute in Jurassic Park film.

  176. Stephen Fowler

    A pterodactyl so I could fly my way out of trouble.

  177. Ruth Harwood

    Velocoraptor 🙂 cunning, adaptable and sprightly xx

  178. lynn HEATH

    I would be a Pterodactyl so that I could soar across the skys!

  179. Catherine McAlinden

    A stegosaurus, I like those stegs!

  180. Spencer Broadley

    A pterodactlyl – I like the idea of flying around

  181. Tracy Nixon

    A pterodactyl so I could fly away from danger!

  182. Matt McAndrew

    Pterodactyl because I could fly away from danger!

  183. A t-rex like rex in Toy Story as it’s my sons favourite films 🙂

  184. Natalie Crossan

    a t-rex because my daughter loves them

  185. Anthony Harrington

    a Pterodactyl as they could fly!


    a Spinosaurus, even bigger than t-rex, my son loves them

  187. ashleigh allan

    a t rex because its my sons favourite!

  188. Suzanne Drummond

    a pteradactl so my little man can fly up to bed

  189. Natalie Gillham

    I would be a Pterodactyl as I’d love to fly and get away quickly from other predators 🙂

  190. justine meyer

    I would be a pteradactyl as it can fly x

  191. sian hallewell

    A triceratops as its my grandsons favourite

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