#365 project 365 photo round up for week 18

Project 365 – Week 18 of photo a day

This week’s been a bit short on photos for Project 365.  I’m finding it’s getting to the end of the day and I’m realising I’m not really taking photos of anything of any meaning.  I just snap away and things I see that draw my eye to them.  Although I suppose this is really what project 365 is about, making you notice more of everything that is around you.

So here’s what I’ve been snapping this week…not much of N until the weekend as he’s mostly been napping post nursery or I’ve been too busy preparing tea to get photos taken.

#365 project 365 photo round up for week 18

Saturday was Blog Camp. You can read my write up here, but it was held at The Studio, which has a few arty style points.

Sunday we visited my nan to check she was doing ok.  After we’d spent a couple of hours there, we headed off to Windsor town centre to grab some lunch.  I quite like weird sculptures – this silver ball one was obviously the norm in that area, as noone seemed to even notice it as they walked past.

Monday and back to nursery for N after the weekend.  Since the Easter weekend began he’s been really tired, and has often snoozed after nursery.  Quite unusual as he’s not regularly napped since before Christmas.  I think (and hope) it’s down to more playing outside.   Generally at his day nursery, if it’s dry, he’ll be outside playing all day apart from food given the chance.  He loves free flow play…although it means I get very little artwork compared to other parents.

Tuesday I was really proud of getting my spring onion ‘bulb’ to sprout in water.  The celery didn’t happen, but as I usually kill all plants, I was impressed…move on to Friday, and I had to chuck it out as the bulb bit had got too wet.  Next time I’ll have to actually read up how to make veg remains grow again and when they need putting into soil.

Wednesday, and after almost 2 weeks, N’s doing pretty well with toilet training.  But like other 3 year olds, he sees nothing wrong with stripping off during various activities and running off.

A sign I’m getting old on Thursday.  I renewed my annual pass at Blenheim Palace (getting another 3 months free – result), but also eventually got round to getting National Trust membership.  It’s only recently I’ve realised how many National Trust properties there are near us.  I’m looking forward to getting to more of them with N.

Friday we had a bit of outside play after nursery.  We’ve got several apple trees around the drive way, as well as horse chestnuts, and the blossoms all look amazing.

Saturday was meant to be swimming class, but N has come down with a bit of a cold.  It started off with a bad cough a couple of days ago, then yesterday his cheeks came up red and blotchy, and today the cold (runny nosy, sneezing) has come out.  At least we can probably rule out slapped cheek, and presume it’s just a virus, but it’s knocking him out a bit.  He had a really bad night sleep last night as well, because of the cough waking him, So, no swimming because I think it would have exhausted him, as we went out and about in the morning doing chores, then he refused a visit to the park.  Instead we mooched around the farm while the weather was nice – it does seem a bit extreme with me in Birkenstocks and him in wellies.

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  1. Isn’t it lovely to get your toes out? I am loving wearing my Birkenstocks again.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, the new linky is now live.

    1. You’re right there. Mostly when I look at him, I think how much he’s grown, but perspective’s an interesting thing

    1. You’ll find you’ll have a lot of clothes go missing. N’s the worst with socks for some reason.

      I really like shoe shots. It’s great for family pics imo

    1. I agree. I wondered whether they would have changed since the last time I was there a year ago for a work conference, but it was the same. Worked quite well in the location though, and good talking point

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