vintage cars in town

Project 365 2017 week 19 – Strictly Banbury

We’re onto week 19 of Project 365, and I’ve taken hardly any photos of N this week. Oops. Thankfully weird single photo choice of food and flowers have come to the rescue.  I’ve not been taking my millions of photos, but on quiet days have chosen to take specific photos for Project 365.

On Sunday I sat down with this little chocolate crunch ‘donut’ from Costa I’d grabbed as a treat. It was time to read my National Trust booklet they’d sent. I’ve already booked for Feast again – hopefully this year N will decide to actually come with me because it was really good last time.

chocolate crunch and National Trust

On Monday, I only took a couple of flower photos.  I’m on a mission o find some peonies but our flower stand doesn’t sell them, and the only ones I’ve spotted so far is in an expensive bouquet from M&S. I did spot these strange ‘maze’ like flowers though.

maze like flower bouquet

On Tuesday I noticed quite a few of my calendulas had come up. Not in the wall, but next to it in the patio slabs. I always find this colour particularly beautiful.

orange calendula

On Wednesday, I actually had a lunch break at work and nipped into town. This vehicle was parked alongside the motor bike parking.

vintage cars in town

On Thursday, N had his first bit of homework other than reading, for ages.  They’ve been doing fractions –  1/2s and 1/4s. He whizzed through it, but I wasn’t sure he was really understanding a written fraction. But it turns out he did as we had a bit of a test the next day through general conversation.  His maths continues to be his strong point.

speedy maths homework

On Friday, N’s laces were too long and I realised he’d managed to break through one of the eyelets. His trainers were only 4 days old so I wasn’t impressed, especially not as they were Skechers, so not a cheapo pair.  We’ve had to readjust them and use the top holes, although the one set of laces is still a bit long when tied.

broken trainers already

On Saturday, I went to the local theatre to watch Strictly Banbury. It’s done for charity and 2 of my friends were taking part as the ‘celebs’.  It was a lovely thing to watch, although it did drag on half hour longer than they stated for the matinee performance (glad N didn’t come in the end because he wouldn’t have sat through 2 hours of dancing). Neither of my friends made the ‘final’ round but I expect they get their turn on either the Saturday or Sunday evening. This photo was the demo from a previous contestant and her ‘pro’ (now partner) doing the jive.

demo jive dance at Banbury Strictly
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  1. How annoying about the shoes! Hope you find the receipt. Been good at maths is great I think because so many people struggle with it.

  2. that’s pretty poor for those trainers to break after only 4 days, i’d take them back, love the maze like flower, did you find out what it was called?

    1. The only issue with the shoes is I’m not sure I know where the receipt is, plus it was Leamington store rather than ours, oh and then he’s always wearing them. Very annoying though.
      No, don’t know the flower

  3. I would have taken those trainers back! My boys have both destroyed a pair of trainers in the last week (although they’ve had them quite a long time) and they both need new walking boots too 🙁 That is a very interesting flower you spotted. I’m very impressed with N and his fractions, that sounds pretty advanced for year 1 (although what do I know, my memory doesn’t stretch back that far!).

    1. Yes although it’s 20 miles away, rather than our local store and wasn’t sure where the receipt was. Plus of course he’s always wearing them. Will look for the receipt and show them a photo one lunch this week in my local store

  4. the donut does not look very big.
    I would be taking his shoes back and asking for a replacement at less than a week old.
    I was a geek who would sit in a maths class all day every day, I got it all with ease, and still no good with English or history.

    1. Ah, it’s actually like a rice krispie cake so just the right size. The shoes are a pain – he needed them for school so wasn’t practical to take them back and not sure where the receipt is.

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