This boy says no to Disney films

I am partial to watching the occasional Disney films.  Back in our 6th form we used to watch Beauty and the Beast quite frequently – it was one of 5 videos we had in our girls house.  And the classics are classics for a reason. (*post contains affiliate links)

But N will not watch them.  There’s no love for Disney movies when it comes to N. Well, I tell a lie, he’ll watch Jungle Book.  But that is the only Disney classic that he’s watched all the way through.  He’s not much of a film person really, although he does get introduced to them at after school club so there’s a few like Inside Out, Secret Life of Pets and Despicable Me that he likes from there.  But classic Disney I cannot get him to watch. And when I say Disney, I mean any of those type of animated movies, but mostly Disney he seems to have the issue with.

5 film ideas for anti-Disney boys - Bubbablue and me

When we stayed in a cottage in Swanage on holiday, he got into watching a few films there, so I thought I’d buy some Disney dvds.  I even opted for the films that were based around male heroes – Aladdin, Peter Pan and similar.  Peter Pan he’s watched 5 minutes off and then said it was too scary. Aladdin he won’t even put on.  The Jungle Book is the only one that’s passed the N test, oh and Finding Nemo is just about acceptable.

At Christmas 2 years ago he did discover the Toy Story series and likes those.  But I think he overdosed on them that holiday season, along with Arthur, and has never really watched them since.  Even the following year he refused to watch Arthur when he enjoyed it the year before.

I’ve even recorded a variety of Disney or similar films when they’re on tv, so we can watch them…Shrek, Ice Age, Happy Feet and similar. But no, he won’t entertain even putting them on.

As for the time when Frozen came out and every child seemed to be obsessed.  Not N.  It’s for girls apparently.  Any party invitations that arrive mentioning Frozen (even just with a tiny frozen sticker on the envelope), they’re brushed off.

I’ve given up now, and I’ll just watch the movies on my own.  I’d love to take him to the cinema to see things like Sing and Trolls, but there’s no point taking him.  For starters, he found Finding Dory too scary and we had to leave. But any of the Disney or Aardman trailers that are shown on tv, he pours scorn on, usually saying they’re for girls only.

It’s funny in a way.  And I suppose it means I avoid having the pressure to buy lots of character tat and won’t feel the need to take him to Disneyland.  But it is a shame because we don’t get to have family film sessions.

It doesn’t mean he won’t watch the tv. He watches a bit- thankfully we’ve moved on from cbeebies and mostly he’s obsessed with Horrible Histories.  But I think if I want to watch Disney movies that are being released in cinemas I’m going to have to go alone.

5 animated movies for boys who hate Disney

  1. Toy Story series – toys that come to life, who wouldn’t love that?
  2. Despicable Me – everyone has a soft spot for Minions
  3. Inside Out – little people inside your head. Mind blowing.
  4. Rio – it’s like a series of You’ve been Framed calamities plus an evil bird.
  5. Jungle Book – lots of funny animals and some catchy songs

Are you and your children Disney fans? What films do you recommend for 6 year old boys who aren’t superhero fans?

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  1. T loves loves loves Cars 2 … it’s his absolute favourite. He is similar to N in that he hates any dark or scary patches in films, so like you we have had to stop the film (Big Hero 6), almost happened in Moana, Planes 2, Cars.

    But he will not watch Frozen (too girlie), I have bought, but have never been watched Kung Panda, Ice Age, how to train your dragon, The BFG.

    He likes and keeps going back to Rio 1&2, Madagascar 1,2&3, Penguins of Madagascar, LEGO the Movie, Minions (any of these), the Secret Life of Pets, Cloudy with a touch of Meatballs, Arthur Christmas, Batman LEGO Movie, Farmers Llamas (any Wallace & Gromit are great) and any cartoons – tom & jerry, etc.

    From the classic list we have managed to watch Aladdin, Jungle Book, Dumbo, Peter Pan,
    101 dalmations, The Incredibles, finding nemo /dory and Lion King but think we have watched these only Once!

  2. My girls love Disney films and I do too….I think a lot of Disney films are more aimed at girls with their princesses. Saying that my youngest was and still is the biggest fan of Toy Story.
    Have you tried Cars, Wall-E or The Incredibles. They seem more aimed at boys x

    1. Cars he knows about, but isn’t fussed, not sure about the other too. Incredibles he won’t like because it’s superheroes. He’s not a fan of those! Fussy, isn’t he

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