Day trip to dinosaur adventure norfolk - Bubbablue and me
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Exploring dinosaurs at Dinosaur Adventure Norfolk

So many children love dinosaurs, but I think N is a bit ambivalent to them.  Sometimes he comes out with interesting facts (mostly gleaned from Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures on cbeebies), the rest of the time he’s scared of them or doesn’t care.  So I wasn’t sure what he’d make of Dinosaur Adventure.  It turned out he loved it and model animatronic dinosaurs are no longer something to be scared off.  Whoop!

Day trip to dinosaur adventure norfolk - Bubbablue and me

Dinosaur Adventure Park

As it wasn’t Norfolk school holidays Dinosaur Adventure was quiet.  Well, there were lots of pre-schoolers and mums having play meet ups, but we didn’t see too many older children even though it was a lovely warm day.  It meant it was perfect for N to do everything he wanted to.  What was brilliant was that children can go round the park collecting stamps in different locations, and then collect a medal on completion.  It certainly kept N motivated.

dinosaurs at dinosaur adventure park


Once we arrived we met a few dinosaurs first before N decided he couldn’t resist the play area.  It’s a massive area as soon as you arrive.  Obstacles, huge bridges, climbing frames, nets, and a smaller enclosed play area for 6 years and under. It’s not going to be long before N won’t be able to go in those any longer. He had a great time, only getting to the top of the netting and realising that it was a lot higher than others he’s been on, and that maybe he would get stuck.  Backwards down he went again.

obstacle net
wooden playground
walking the net rope bridge
balancing in the playground at dinosaur adventure

There’s a massive dinosaur slide as well, which is great being covered so it gives children some respite from being out in the sun.

We also both enjoyed digging (brushing) for fossils.  N got very excited about this because he’s studied fossils at school so thinks he knows everything.  Again, this area is under cover so still good for using in the rain.

fossil hunting at Dinosaur adventure

We’d spotted a few of the stamps for N’s medal collecting page as we walked round but did get stumped by a few.  We got waylaid by the Raptor Racers go karts and I had to have a go as well.  Not easy when you’re lugging round a camera bag too.

stamping the activity sheet

There were plenty of other activities like crazy golf to try and a huge slide which N totally ignored.  Instead we were on a mission to find the other stamps. 

Dinosaur trail

Off to the rangers’ base camp, and then to the dinosaur trail.  N really isn’t a walker – he’ll moan permanently, but give him a purpose to it, and he’ll be striding ahead, discussing what he’s spotted, giving his views and ‘studied’ knowledge (I’m not convinced much of it was that accurate).  We discussed crocodiles and flying dinosaurs, getting up close to some interesting species that neither of us had heard about.  I’ve decided that my dinosaur learning in my youth was severely lacking.

dinosaur trail
Tyrannosaurus rex
playing the bongo drums
triceratops at dinosaur adventure

As you go round the trail there are ranger outposts, and (amusing) stories of what happened to explorers on the trail in the past. They do make it more fun for children, and there’s a few activities as you go round, before exiting next to the farm animals section.  The trail took a little while to do. It is buggy friendly, but there aren’t many places to sit and have a rest if you’ve got very young children out of buggies.  In school holidays there are signs that there are kiosks, but these weren’t open when we were there.

Farm animals

Then we arrived at the farming and gardens area.  The deer safari wasn’t running out of school holidays/weekends, so we didn’t see that.  The farm animals were a bit of a misfit for me.  But it is nice to have another area to relax in.  There’s a new restaurant being built, in the ‘garden’ area, and there’re plenty of picnic tables by the existing café which opens at weekends and peak season.

gardens at dinosaur adventure
milking the cow at dinosaur adventure
guinea pigs at dinosaur adventure park
stamping his medal sheet

To get back to the main area we went through the Neanderthal trail, out of the woodland and into the sunshine.  N was flagging a bit by this stage, moaning he didn’t feel well, and it was nearly time for lunch.  We’d collected all of N’s stamps so he exchanged them for the medal of his choice.  I think getting medal is a great idea, and all children love a scavenger hunt with an award at the end.

neanderthal home

Softplay and cafe

Then N spotted the soft play area and forgot all about not being ill.  The equipment was a similar layout to that at Hatton Adventure World, with plenty of rope bridges and a choice of high slides.  He stuck with the wavy slide, dragging his mat up each time. It was nice to be in quiet soft play (totally different to what it’s like at Hatton).  There was plenty of seating and a café.

We ate lunch there.  As with most soft play we’ve been to, the café wasn’t the fastest and the choice was confusing for the children’s lunch boxes. There was nothing to say how many items and what price it was, and the crisps were elsewhere so I wasn’t sure if they were included.  N wasn’t feeling well enough for a whole lunch box so just had a drink, some jelly and a sandwich.  But he then had to wait for my panini to arrive which took ages and was a bit oniony.

We headed off after a couple more slides.  N didn’t want to see more of the park,  although there were a few places we’d not explored. Unfortunately the splash park was shut for maintenance, but it looked good and I’m sure N would have been there straight away given the chance.

Dinosaur Adventure was a great day out.  It’s not often we go to themed places because they can get a little tedious, but this was done well enough with plenty to do for all ages. Even the older children and teens are catered for with an obstacle course, Krypton Factor style.  If you’re in Norfolk I’d recommend a visit there.

Have you ever been?  Are you a fan of themed days out?

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  1. My boys would love this, they are massive dinosaur fans! It looks like there is so much to do there and looks like you both had lots of fun. I’d love to visit! #countrykids

  2. I have picked up the odd random leaflet for this place on our travels and often thought it looked good. Theres loads to do but I think Monkey would be the same and get worn out. Shame the splash pad wasn’t open. But the dinosaurs look good!! #CountryKids

  3. It certainly sounds like there was plenty to do and see at Dinosaur Adventure and always nice to go somewhere like this when it is a little quieter too. Having a scavenger hunt makes it all a little more interesting and how nice to get a medal at the end of it. I love the look of the play area and the fossil hunting. Looks like N had a lot of fun 🙂 #countrykids

  4. Dinosaur Adventure looks like such a great place for all ages. The play area looks great and it looks like you had the place to yourself! Heavenly! #countrykids

  5. A couple of years ago we had season tickets to Dinosaur Adventure because we’re only 10 minutes away so we often went after school with friends. To be honest, mine weren’t too fussed about the dinosaurs after our first visit but there’s so much other stuff to occupy them. Medal trails are always popular with my children. It gets them walking so much further when there is a reward at the end! #countrykids

  6. This looks just like the perfect place to take the kids to – who wouldn’t love dinosaurs! Digging fossils sounds like a great activity to get those little minds excited and learning about science.

  7. This looks like a lovely place to explore. My middle one used to be terrified when she saw big dinosaurs like this but now they are all a bit older Im sure they would all love it 🙂 x

  8. Dinosaur Adventure sounds like an exciting place to explore with N, it’s great that you both enjoyed your time there. That obstacle course play area looks like a brilliant way to spend some time, I bet N burnt off plenty of energy running around there. It’s great that N liked the animatronic dinosaurs too, I bet he loved collecting his well earned medal!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

    1. He was so chuffed with his medal. Although we were a bit lucky we went to everywhere there was a stamp location because the map didn’t tell us where they were.

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