lamb up close to the camera

Project 365 2016 week 19 – blossom and headaches

We’re onto week 19 of Project 366 and this week was hard. Mainly because apart from work, I’ve not been many places to take photos, and with N being ill at the end of the week, that’s been 2 days of not doing much either.  Here’s this week’s photos.

On Sunday, N and I went to Croome Park for the day. It was beautiful sunshine, hot and we enjoyed a walk around the grounds, lunch and obviously the playground.  It’s great to see N launching himself at everything now.  He’s always been pretty good in terms of gross motor skills and picking up physical things, but hasn’t always wanted to try more adventurous climbing frames or bigger jumps.  He’s been doing gymnastics at school so that’s got the more enthusiastic jumping under his belt, and he’s a lot more confident at climbing on netting, no longer worrying about what he’ll do when he reaches the changeover point.  Croome Park wasn’t high but he was showing the other children how to go about climbing where previously he’d have been the one in awe.

in the playground at Croome Park

On Monday we noticed we were having issues with a lamb escaping. We found the gap and have blocked it with a hand-me-down pink plastic ride on motorbike.  It appears that the lambs are getting less scared of me, and approaching with the camera gets several of them nosying up to the fence.

lamb up close to the camera

On Tuesday it was a ‘not do much’ day.  It was another shorts wearing day with warmer weather staying at the beginning of the week, although N did move back into shorts at the end of the week.  Anyone else have children who like sitting on the table? It drives me mad, and he does it at after school club too which is embarrassing. Shocking behaviour but telling him off doesn’t seem to do much good.  I’m thinking of changing his reward chart to a plus and minus version then I’ll actually be able to remove stickers…or maybe 2 jars where the reward balls can move from one jar to the other.

sitting on the table in shorts

On Wednesday our work photography club headed to one of the parks in town to do a favour for a colleague who’s leaving to set up her own virtual PA business.  She wanted some head shots taking so we thought outdoors would be a nicer background and would be easier to use the light rather than worrying about lighting inside.  It’s funny how we all work.  Some of the others are really serious about taking portraits, others are really good at directing the person where to look and stand, while I just snap from whatever direction in between taking (more) photos of the blossom and flowers in the park.  Much more interesting to me than formal portraiture, but she really liked 3 of my shots which is lovely to think my photos could be used for her business.

blossom in People's Park Banbury

On Thursday I happened to look out of the window and spot the start of a beautiful pastel sunset.

Pastel sky sunset

On Friday all seemed well until I picked up N from school. He was a bit vague and pale and said he had a headache.  The first one he’s had as far as I can tell.  He also felt really hot, and as soon as he sat down at home he was asleep…and drooling over the cushions.  He slept for an hour, but still managed to eat a normal amount of food, and slept as normal.

headache and falling asleep boy

On Saturday it was more of the same.  I was hoping a good sleep would have solved it because I can usually get rid of any I get.  The OH struggles with his headaches which I think are nearer migraines given they carry on for days.  I hope N’s not taken after his dad with them.

N’s been calpol-ed and nurofen-ed but during the day he’s still very warm. His temperature’s high but not feverish thankfully, and he did go out with his dad in the morning because he wouldn’t go swimming.  That’s the 1st week out of 4 this term he’s going to miss (3 due to my blogging conferences because the OH won’t take him in my place). Usually they open during half term so we’d have got those 2 weeks back but this time they’re shut for both weekends, so that’s another 2. It’s annoying because he was getting on so well, but now that’ll put him back a bit in terms of practice.  I do wish the OH would take him given it’s only an hour out of his working day for those 4 weeks, but no chance. I might have to see if his uncle will take him for a couple of them instead.

snuggled with his soft toy cow

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  1. Hope he’s feeling a lot better today? The Boy was sick yesterday and it was a complete surprise. It’s at times like this that you remember how small they are isn’t it?

  2. Hope your little man is much better by now. The sheep look super cute, and the blossom is beautiful. I take lots of photos of blossom in my garden.

    1. he is, yes thanks Galina. Must have just been a 1.5 day thing, with a bit of sniffles in the evenings leftover thankfully.

    1. Thanks Kirsty. He’s much better – must have just been a 1.5 day thing with a bit of sniffles thankfully. All on form today again.

      Hope you have a good week too.

  3. Poor N! I hope the headaches ease soon. My younger two tend to get a lot of headaches – they always get them if they’re ill and get a fair few random ones too.
    I think it’s great that your colleague had so many people helping her out by taking photos. I don’t have a proper work photo – my LinkedIn is of me eating noodles on my 40th birthday! I’ve just about cropped out the giant badge and the noodles.

  4. It sounds like you had a great time at Croome Park! Well done to your boy with the climbing!
    hehehe. That lamb looks a cheeky little thing.
    I hope your boy is feeling better soon. My youngest was off school on Thursday and Friday with just about the same thing….I am putting it down to the fact she had too much sun x

    1. It was lovely. I did wonder about sun, although we haven’t had much the latter part of the week and it was last weekend that was hot and he was fine then. Hoping it’s just a 2 day thing and tomorrow it’ll have gone.

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