wheelbarrowing at the pumpkin patch

Project 366 2016 week 41 – autumn

This week’s Project 366 is really starting to show autumn’s true arrival.  We’ve seen cooler weather…in the mornings, mist and a morning of rain.

On Sunday, it was more apples for pudding. We’re making our way through all the apples on the cooking apple trees in the front garden.  They’ve been really prolific this year, so it’s hard trying to think of different desserts other than crumble. And look at my amazing peeling skills – peel all off in one go.

peeling an apple all in one

On Monday N got all excited by his reading books and was whipping his way through both books in one go.

doing his reading

On Tuesday I nipped into town to get a winter coat I’d seen for N in Matalan. I can’t resist looking at Christmas decorations even this early.  Each year I buy another decoration for the tea, and found a couple of beautiful ones – I was surprised at how classy most of the decorations were in Matalan.

white gold christmas tree decorations

On Wednesday, I didn’t take many photos, but I took this one of N as he settled down in the old wooden chair that had been mine as a child, to watch YouTube on the tablet.

watching youtube on the tablet

On Thursday N was very proud to show me his latest work.  Not art (although he does seem to be enjoying drawing trees at the moment), but practising his ‘e’s and ‘o’s.  On tissues.  Yes, he’s a little strange, but as he says ‘when I can do 100 of them, I’ll be really good at them’.

practising handwriting

On Friday this was the beautiful dusky pink sunrise. It’s a bit of a blurry photo, not aided by the only view being out of a window with a chest of drawers in front, so I have to hold out the camera without anything to steady it on.

beautiful pinky sunrise

On Saturday, we headed to Millets Farm to the pumpkin patch.  N loved wheeling the barrow.  It was such a beautiful morning as well – he spent most of the morning in just his t shirt having removed his jumper.

wheelbarrowing at the pumpkin patch


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  1. Great photo amongst the pumpkins, brilliant how the wheel barrow coordinates .
    A tissue? really??? make you laugh don’t they. Great writing practise though.
    Hubby peels satsumas so the skin is in the shape of an elephant head and trunk, if the peel does not some off in one go he wont eat it……strange man.
    Eves pudding, apple charlotte cake, apple fritters, apple frittata

  2. I love the pumpkin patch photo! We’ve never been to a pumpkin patch, I think I’d like to go!
    Very impressed with your apple peeling skills and I like N’s dedication to his writing practise 🙂

    1. Thanks Sarah. We’ve only been twice, but it’s good fun. Before that I’d never done pumpkins before. It’s a good excuse to get outside, and it’s something that N loves doing.

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