sunset over warcombe farm campsite in Devon

Project 366 2016 week 29-30 – holiday and more

It’s a double bill this week, covering week 29 and 30 of my Project 366, photo a day for a year.  Last week we were on our camping holiday in Woolacombe, so there’s a bit of holiday spam going on this week.

Week 29

On Sunday we headed off to the campsite just outside Woolacombe.  The fog was loitering but that didn’t stop the boys getting out the football.  It seems N is quite good at football too.  The older boys (and their mums) reckoned he should be going to the externally coached football club at school, but N’s still saying no.

football in the fog at Warcombe farm campsite

On Monday, we had a beautiful and hot day at the beach.  The sunsets over the campsite were just stunning. Who needs to go abroad when you have 30 degree heat and sunsets like these?

sunset over warcombe farm campsite in Devon

On Tuesday we had another day at the beach.  Yes, 2 full days at the beach for me is unheard of.  Usually I prefer to get out and about. But it was so hot, the others were all heading to the beach, and N was keen too.  N’s favourite job at the beach was helping to dig in the windbreak.

digging in the windbreak on the beach

On Wednesday, it was the last night for one family, so we let the kids do fruit and marshmallow skewers.  Only 2 of the 5 wanted to toast theirs themselves, but they all went down well.

fruit and marshmallow kebabs

On Thursday the food shack on the campsite was closed, and with all the other families arriving, we decided we would cook something quick for the children, and then the adults would have takeaway pizza later on.  They had my favourite hawaiian, and it was a really good pizza.

takeaway hawaiian pizza at the campsite

On Friday, it was a standard morning for breakfast. N had the ‘holiday’ 8 pack of cereals to choose from, but I was partial to a bacon and egg sandwich cooked on the gas camping stoves.  We’re all fans of the single cheap stoves.  They’re pretty quick to cook on, and handy to move around.

egg and bacon sandwich for a camping breakfast

Saturday was our last day and the evening ended with rain.  We all got a bit wet, because the person with one of the gazebos was going home the next day, had packed the gazebo and refused to get it out again. It didn’t seem to worry many people though. N was quite happy with all the other children, getting into his onesie before going to bed.

last night camping - onesie evening

Week 30

On Sunday we drove home and found we needed to rescue the dwarf runner beans following the lack of rain while we were away.

watering runner beans

On getting back from holiday, I realised we’d have to do a food shop. The ‘joys’ of needing to provide a packed lunch each day for nursery.  With the OH working late that meant we had to go in after work, getting back home just after bedtime.  N was straight behind the Finding Dory board. He quite liked watching Finding Nemo, but he’s never actually asked to go to the cinema.  Maybe I should try and find a suitable film over the holidays and take him.

Finding Dory in Sainsburys

On Tuesday my brother popped in.  N loves to see him, whether he’s got metal detecting news or not. But there’s not much chance of escaping N’s hugs.

sitting with his uncle

On Wednesday I didn’t take many photos, so N cooling off with an ice pop will have to do.  As usual, N is always hungry.

ice pop weather

On Thursday it was early morning selfie time. N loves looking at the photos and videos on my phone, and that often prompts him to want to take photos of us.  I’m never keen (because let’s face it, noone looks pretty in the morning after waking up), but this one wasn’t too bad.

early morning mum and son selfie

On Friday, my new Havaianas flip flops arrived. Whoop.  My final old pair broke while we were away, and I’d bought a cheapo pair.  They were dented and horrible after only a week, so I had to order my usual brand again.  In the meantime I’d found these silver mirror squared flip flops in Matalan for a bargain £2. They’re good but not a patch on Havaianas

new Havaianas flip flops

On Saturday, N wanted to stay on the farm all day with his dad, so I decided to get out to some National Trust properties that aren’t really places that N would enjoy.  I went to Hidcote gardens in the morning and then Chastleton House in the afternoon.  The gardens in both were lovely, with lots of photography opportunities.


Chastleton House from the garden

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