project 365 photos week 28

Project 365: photo a day week 28

Week 28 of project 365 and there’s been a lot of excitement in the garden and on the farm.

project 365 photos week 28

Sunday I got all excited because I noticed that my tomato plants now have flowers.  Not many, but several of the plants have them, so hopefully we’ll have a few tomatoes for my efforts.  I don’t know how people with allotments or great vegetable patches do it.  I spend what seems like ages watering mine (and the few flowers we have), although maybe it just seems like ages.

Monday and yet another evening of play on his Gator.  The great thing about outdoor toys is that N never seems to get bored of them, unlike those indoors which he never usually spends much time playing with before flitting to something else.  Maybe because there’s less outdoor toys, although he still has a reasonable number.

Tuesday was our annual charity clay shoot at the farm (must write it up!).  N was in his element.  For starters, all of his cousins were there so he spent lots of time running around and playing with them.  This photo is of N with his oldest cousin (and godfather).  All of a sudden our oldest nephew’s really grown up – voice deepened and just looking older than his siblings.  N’s also started being obsessed with working out family relationships – talking about cousins, uncles, aunts and who is a mummy (I’m not sure he really grasped that Granny is a mother of three!).

Wednesday was a mad rush.  We had a work night out which I’d had booked in for ages, so popped in for one drink in a really quirky bar in town that I’d never been in before.  They had really mismatched furniture, a table made out of doors, tiger barstools, and lighting made from drums and various other strange  items.  Including upside down umbrellas which gave a really good effect.  I then had to rush off to see my nan in hospital as she’d been taken in earlier in the week after falling.  Of course the 2.5 hour round trip was a bit wasted as she was asleep – she woke fleetingly to see I was there and then went back to sleep again.  Probably to drown out the sound from the swearing moaner in the bed next to her.

Thursday I spotted these gorgeous baskets by Banbury Cross as I walked from a meeting in our second work building.  They really do great displays in town and it does make a boost to the mood when you see them.

Friday during my evening watering the garden session, I showed N the caterpillars on our weeds near the geraniums.  There’s loads of them, but I’ve not looked up what butterflies they’ll become.  I thought N would be more interested, but he didn’t want to look any closer, or touch them.  I might have to find where I put the bug box and see if he’s more interested that way.

Saturday, and it was finally car boot sale day.  My brother and I have got round to clearing some more of my mum’s stuff.  It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates…but even more amazing is what people will buy at a car boot sale.  The items you think will go don’t, and the freebies or half used toiletries, or children’s airfix models etc get snapped up.  It was a beautiful day, and great to spend some time with my brother.  We off loaded quite a lot of stuff, but didn’t make that much. At least other people will enjoy the items that we sold.

So a busy round up and linked up to 365.

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  1. We grow our own veg but have never mastered tomatoes – well done you! Lovely set of pics this week. Well done for doing the Car Boot sale – something I’ve never managed to do.

    1. I’ve not mastered them quite yet. Although more flowers today. Naughtily didn’t water them this evening as thought it would rain but hasn’t, so must remember tomorrow morning.

      Love car boot sales, but hard work for sometimes not much reward.

    1. I think they’r elooking particularly good this year, but maybe it’s just that I’m taking more photos and looking out more.

  2. Just taking me time to do a round up – plus not many photos as noone’s really forthcoming, and I didn’t shoot, only sat on the door taking money. But always good fun to see everyone.

    1. Here’s hoping. One plant’s flowers got broken off as the plants just too big and leaning – I’ve got bamboo canes for 3 of them and could do with more. It’s ridiculous how big they’ve got, even though I’ve tried to thin them out.

  3. Our tomatoes have appeared from nowhere this week, I hadn’t even realised there were flowers on them! I’m sending the husband to do a car boot sale in the morning, sure he’ll love me for it.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

    1. So exciting to see something you’ve grown that you can then eat.

      I do love a car boot sale, but it kind of wastes a whole morning, and that’s a morning out of a weekend I can’t spend with N. Hope your husband’s got a friend to share the hours of sitting around with. I’d not do one on my own.

    1. That sounds similar to my gardening ability. I’ve been amazed I’ve managed to grow them. The strawberry pot last year failed, 2 lots of sunflowers got eaten/died, as well as numerous other flowers. So I’m pleased about this jungle. Just hoping for tomatoes now.

  4. yay Emma go you on your toms!! i am slightly jealous as i wanted to grow some this year but forgot!

    I hope your nan is much better soon xx

    1. Lol. This is the first attempt and I usually kill off everything so really pleased they’re going so well. Bit of a fluke really as threw out the care instructions. Could have done with a third grobag really, as they are a bit cramped as they’ve grown so big.

  5. A very busy week. How lovely to have all the family around for the clay pigeon shoot. Cousin relationships are always really special.

    1. Yes, it’s great that N has all his cousins within a mile or so away. Not like my cousins where we only saw them once a year as children due to them being almost 3 hours away, and only us driving.

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