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Stunts and scooters – trying out the Zinc Chozen scooter

*Ad – gifted for review

N’s had his scooter since around his 2nd birthday. He always had a go on the ones (too big for him) at Baby Bounce, so I started him off with a My First Scooter which changed from 4-3-2 wheels. Great idea but really heavy scooter and doesn’t fold up like it’s meant to. I’ve always wanted to try as well; we have to go elsewhere to use the scooter outside, as the farm drive is mostly gravel. So for me to have a scooter too, it would mean I’d be able to scoot and keep up with him. I was offered the chance to review one of the Zinc team series Chozen scooters, so we’ve been trying one out for the last couple of weeks.

I’d chosen the white scooter as I thought it was a little less aggressive in looks than the black one…I’d not noticed the skull pattern on the footboard. Skulls aren’t really my cup of tea, but you don’t really notice it and really, does it matter what design is on a scooter once you’re past teenage years?

zinc scooter collage

The team series scooters are those used by the Zinc team riders. For those who get techy about their equipment, here’s the spec:

Chro-moly steel bar
SCS Aluminum Quad Clamp
CNC Threadless headset with unique Zinc branding
CNC alloy fork
Anodised Aluminium 6061-T6 extruded deck with unique ZINC detailing
Spring steel brake
10mm High Bounce 6 Spoke Alloy core wheels – 88A PU
Soft rubberised Pro Grips
100kgs Maximum Weight

Oh, and they’re engineered in Britain – always good to support national businesses.

The scooter was really easy to put together, all the allen keys and screws were in the box so it didn’t take much more than 5 minutes to get it ready to ride.

I like the rubberised feel of the wheels, they feel sturdy and are relatively smooth when going along on the patio slabs. The foot deck (is that even a technical scootering term?!) has a sandpapery-gritty texture to it, to prevent your foot slipping. I’ve never used a brake on a scooter, but my nephews tell me it works as it should. I don’t think I’d ever be going fast enough to warrant using it but you never know.

The design is quite urban in feel as expected. Cut out ‘Z’ brand logo, the design on the footbed, and the monochrome look. The handles have a rubberised, comfortable feel, so non-slip – handy if the weather’s a bit wet when you’re out on it.

zinc team series scooter

The scooter is aimed at 8 years plus, although N had no concerns about grabbing it and claiming it for his own. Er, no child! It is a really heavy scooter again, presumably because it’s for stunts, so it’s not a scooter you’d want to be carting around. That works for us, as we’d be driving to somewhere we could use our scooters.

trying out an adult stunt scooter

Obviously I’m not going to test its stunt abilities, so I asked a couple of my teenage nephews to give it a go. They took it down to one of the local scooter ramps to test it out, although our empty barn seemed to do the job when they were hanging around the farm…for the latter, there was a bit of a bust up as the 5 year old wanted a go, but his older brother (12 years) had taken it out, and N thought it was his too. So it’s definitely gone down well with all ages in having an alternative ‘vehicle’ to play on.

What did the nephews say?

The 12 year old said ‘It’s alright. Yes it’s a bit heavy, but it goes ok’. Child of not many words!

When I offered the 13 year old (the daredevil of the nephews) the chance to try it out, he jumped at the chance. ‘I’ll take it to the skate park, some of my friends have stunt scooters but not like this one, this is cool’.  Afterwards ‘It was fine, the place was empty, I got lots of videos of him doing stuff, but think he needs some practice!

I’m really looking forward to getting some dry weather so N and I can go out scooting in the park. We were planning to last week, and then it tipped it down so no videos of me zooming around town (yet).

Do your children use scooters?  Do you?  Any advice for a newbie scooter rider?

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  1. Oooh the fall at the end made me wince! I don’t know anything about stunt scooters but I think my little lot are a way off that yet!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. My kids love scooters, and are just starting to try out some tricks at the skate park. Love that N tried to claim it himself lol. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. I think he’s got some way to go before starting tricks thankfully. He’s not yet tried riding it up and down the garden steps which he tries on his balance bike, so that’s a relief. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Great scooter! I love products that grow with a child and this goes from toddler to teenager! Just fab! Thanks for sharing on #britmumsreview

    1. It’s definitely worth getting things like this a bit earlier than the size they advise to last longer, although I think a 3 year old on an 8+ scooter might be pushing it a bit!

  4. Aw mine is the same with scooters, so my mum went and brought him his own. It’s one where you lean the handles instead of turning them. My mum built it up and thought it was broken because the handles dont turn like a normal scooter lol she worked it out in the end 🙂

    1. I think they’d be confusing as they’re so different to any bike handlebars you use. But children still seem to get them easily.

  5. The scooter looks so much fun for all the boys. The weather has been lovely this week so hopefully you’ve had the chance to go to the park? Great review.

    1. No park visits as we’ve only got evenings after work and have to sort tea out. This weekend’s been manic too as did a car boot yesterday when we would usually have gone to the park. Maybe next week!

  6. Ooo, I love the design and it looks an absolutely awesome scooter 😀

    Stacey has had her scooter since she was 4 and she’s 10 now and tonight we realised we can’t make it any higher and the handlebars are a bit low for her 🙁 Looks like she needs an adult one for Christmas! Lol

    Louise x

    1. Definitely sounds like an adult scooter’s in order. Great that she still enjoys using one as they’re great for getting kids out and about.

    1. I know. He’s so cheeky. Reminds me of when we used to go to baby bounce and their ‘first’ scooters were too small for him, but he’d still be trying them out!

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