Building Dens for toddlers

I think I need a bit of practice at making dens.  I remember going to family friends and building great dens, but N’s not seemed fussed about them so far.  He has started wanting to sit on the sofa and pile the cushions on top of and round himself, so a couple of weeks ago, I thought we should (or I should) build him a little den to sit in so he could chill and read some books.

I was pretty limited by style/number of available clothes horses ( I find it’s like a Chinese laundry with clothes permanently drying now) so it was a bit of a rubbish den, but N seemed to like dragging the cushions under it, and having a quick chill.

However 5 minutes was about all, so I think I need to get some better ideas and practise in before he’s a bit older and wants to build better dens.  Any advice happily accepted from people with more den-building experience!

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