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Music Exploration with children linky 7

It’s month 7 of my Music Exploration with children linky, so hopefully you’re getting inspired on getting your children introduced to music early on.

The linky’s open from 15th (ok, so I’m a day late this month) and closes at the end of the month.  So plenty of time to link up any posts which reflect exploring music with children.  You could include making your own music or singing with babies and toddlers, visiting a concert, or progress in learning an instrument.  As long as it’s about children and music, anything goes!

Here’s last month’s linky if you want to check out what others have been up to, including refreshing The Beatles music for children.

This month…

We’ve been listening

Mostly Pop Goes Your Name personalised CD which we received for review.  N loves listening to it in the kitchen, and he’s been practising his groovy moves in readiness for his youngest cousin’s birthday party in a week.

We’ve been singing

N’s never really been much of a film child.  He’ll watch about 40 minutes and then gets bored, but being away on holiday last week meant we had lots of relaxation time in the afternoons.  N took ownership of choosing the films to watch from the cottage, and one day I bought him a couple of Disney DVDs.  Turns out he loves The Jungle Book (great taste!), and can’t stop singing Bear Necessities along with some back scratching moves.

The other day he was singing on the toilet….’secreties’ (sp.).  I had no idea what he was singing as he hadn’t quite got the tune right either, but next thing he was doing the scratching the back actions, and I twigged that it was meant to be Necessities!  Very cute.

We’ve been playing

N’s been loving playing my piano again over at my mum’s house.  He’s now discovered that there’s music in the piano seat, so he has to choose some music for me to play.  Not that I can play much anymore having not played more than a few times a year since I went off to uni.  So he’s been experiencing a real mix of pop music, classical music used in adverts (Palladio, Vangelis 1492 Conquest of Paradise etc) and music from Chess.  N seems to be understanding that you can play different music by following something that’s written down.

The #MusicExploration Linky

So over to the linky.  My aim is to encourage N’s love of music, and ensure that his breadth of musical experience is wider than the AC/DC his dad focuses on at home and nursery rhymes. I’m trying to introduce more genres, instruments and music in the hope that his interest in music will continue. The linky is about sharing what we’ve learnt, listened to and any new musical tools or activities we’ve found along the way.

If you listen to music with your children, or want to do so, then do link up a post below and share the linky with others.  If you don’t have a blog, but have something to include, then do comment, or tag me on instagram, share an image on my facebook page, all using the #musicexploration hashtag.

Bubbablue and me music linky
  • Join in by linking up a post that shows how your children have been exploring music this month.
  • It would be great if you could feature the badge or link back as it helps spread the word.
  • Linkys only work if you visit and comment on other posts linked up, so please do visit a few (if not all) the others linked up, ahead and after you.
  • I’ll be sharing all the posts, so do make sure your sharing buttons are easy to find.
  • Lastly, do share the linky to help make people more aware of it and get more people to join in.

Thanks, and enjoy reading about and enjoying music with your children.

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    1. Classical music does seem to draw children in. Love Vangelis – ever since I heard the piece use as a World Championship gymnastics tv programme. Took me a long time find out the name of the piece – I had to sing it to the people in Virgin, and then down the phone as well to their service which could tell you any piece (providing you could sing it!)

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