Tribit stormbox micro 2 review

Connecting through music with Tribit Stormbox Micro 2 speaker

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There’s one thing a pre-teen loves and that’s music. So when we were asked to review a Tribit speaker, it was an immediate yes.  We were sent the Tribit Stormbox Micro 2 speaker, just in time to enjoy the September sun.

Tribit stormbox micro 2 review

Music is one thing that connects our whole family. I have totally eclectic music tastes and they’re still evolving. From a classically trained background, I’ve also danced a lot of different styles through the years, so enjoy listening to classical right through to pop, country, latin music, blues and anything else in between. If I can dance or sing to it, I can find something good to say about music.

At home, as a family it’s usually rock that’s played. Or rock covers of older classic pop and other genres. It’s played loud in an evening through a huge bass speaker. N thankfully has progressed to listening to more contemporary tastes thanks to the influence of friends and commercial radio in the car. He’s not just stuck with the OH’s rock and metal tastes of his youth.

N likes to play music while he plays on his xbox, doing school work, or playing football in the garden. I’ve noticed kids his age playing football in the park and they’ve also got music playing. It’s something with phones they can so easily do with a data or internet connection to share their musical likes and enjoy it with friends.

So the Tribit Stormbox Micro 2 speaker was going to fit in well with our lives. As soon as it arrived, N had it out of the box and paired to his phone.

tribit stormbox micro 2 speaker

Stormbox Micro 2 set up

It takes very little time to set up the Stormbox bluetooth speaker. There’s only a few buttons – on/off, bluetooth, volume up and down, and then a multifunction button to move tracks to next/previous.  It’s really easy to use as there’s no complicated buttons to worry about.

tribit speaker side buttons

Pairing picked up the speaker on phones fast, and there was no issue pairing like I sometimes find with bluetooth devices.

All you need is music on your phone or device – either streaming or downloaded.  N uses Spotify, while I’d usually have Amazon Music, but both of our phones connected fine.


We’ve mainly used the Stormbox Micro 2 outside so far. It’s got a much better sound than you’d expect for such a small speaker. At top volume it does start to shake a little. But the sound is really clear with a good bass. It sounded good with N’s rap and pop music being played. The OH insisted on Five Finger Death Punch blaring out to try it. It’s a good job our immediate neighbours are family and next door they don’t mind a bit of music.

N and his cousin also listened to the football commentary while they were playing football. It was loud and clear enough that I could head it really clearly in the house too.

With advanced bluetooth technology, and a connection range of up to 120 feet, it means the transmission between phone and speaker is fast.

dancing in the garden to stormbox speaker

It’s got multi functions too. Not only a speaker, you can also use it as a powerbank to charge phones, tablets and other devices.

The battery is improved over the previous version. Playtime is now up to 12 hours, so you can trust that your Stormbox will get you through an afternoon in the park, or an evening party in your garden. It can provide 30 days of standby time.  Charging is done via USB-C charging port, so it’s as easy to charge as a phone.

It’d be great to take on holiday to have around the pool or while camping or in a holiday home.  Because it’s small it’s portable, and you can even use the strap to clip it to anything – rucksack straps, a bike handlebars (N’s keen to try this out), or sports kit while you’re practising.

Not only dustproof, it can also take being immersed in water with its IP67 rating. No problem if it gets splashed on the side of the pool while you’re swimming or chilling out in the garden paddling pool

What I’m thinking I’d like to try is getting another speaker and pairing them up. That way you can turn them into Stereo Mode / Party mode and get a more immersive sound from them.  

tribit stormbox micro 2 speaker in action in the garden

I think the Soundbox Micro 2 portable speaker is really versatile. I’m going to have to keep a watch on it before it disappears into the depths of N’s bedroom or school bag. I can see him wanting to take it on the school bus to share with his friends.

While we have a big speaker inside, we can easily take the Stormbox with us on days out, picnics, to sports practices and to use in the garden if we’ve got friends over. It’s not expensive either, but has much better sound than any of the similar sized bluetooth speakers I’ve had in the past.

You can buy the Stormbox Micro 2 directly from Tribit, but it’s also available from Amazon – Stormbox Micro 2 comes in either black like ours (or if you’re in the US, a blue option is available)  .

Where would you take a Tribit portable speaker?

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