Toddler role play progression

N’s getting very adventurous with his toddler role play now.

Sometimes it is a bit of a mystery as to what he’s enacting (maybe the drama side of things needs some work!?).

The other day he’d dragged out my carpet sweeper, and of course the handle had come apart from the base like normal (very annoying that, but it’s always been like that strangely).  Next thing, I looked through the archway from the kitchen and it looked like he was doing a jedi knight light sabre routine.

20130906_164821 compressed

When I asked what he was up to, I was informed that he was washing the tractor.  Ah, so the ‘stick’ was the jetwash.

20130906_164837 compressed

All makes sense, but until you know, sometimes it does make me wonder!

What household items have your children been using recently for their role play games?

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  1. Oh mine use everything that isn’t a toy 🙂 Jack loves the spatulas and dishing up spoons and also the mop.

    He is so very cute – love his tractor!

    1. Great imagination…although annoying when they don’t put things back and you wonder where they are. The mop’s a favourite here – leaking fridge sometimes when it’s too full, so he loves to mop up.

  2. I love this! Imagination is a wonderful thing.. I always give Rio pretend pennies and send him to the shop (the kitchen) already at 17 months! He comes back and passes me imaginary ‘narna’s’

    1. Ah that’s cute.
      N’s obsessed with money (he calls it ‘bunny’ or that’s what it sounds like!). Maybe I should give him some coppers and bits, I just worry he’ll put them up his nose or something!

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