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Singing repertoire

N’s broadening his singing repertoire.  We now have 5 recognisable songs.

It’s strange because one of his little friends who seems to hit all the usual milestones at the same time as him, sings Twinkle Twinkle and her speech is so clear.  Whereas N gets the first letters, and you can hear him trying to say the words, but other than that it’s still mostly jibberish.  But he’s really clear with the actual tune.

Similarly we have happy birthday, row row row your boat, baa baa black sheep, and now his new one, which I think can only be ‘wind the bobbin up’.

Bizarre choice as I don’t think I’ve ever sung that to him apart from at children’s centres where it seems to be a favourite.  But he must have got it from nursery as they do a log of singing and music there.

Again with that, we get a couple of recognisable words, but it’s the tune which is clear.

It’s nice to get a bit of variation.  But I’m thinking I need to play more music and get him learning some non-nursery rhymes!

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