toddler and snacks

Growth spurts equals increased expense

When N’s going through a growth spurt, it’s an expensive business.

At least he’s only 2, but I hate to think how much it’s going to cost when he’s a teenager on a growth spurt to feed him.

I mean, it’s bad enough feeding a husband who’s got a physical job and likes good quality meat (British only), not forgetting a love of fresh fruit for myself and N, but two males in the family with huge appetites is going to get very pricy.  At least we can get beef and lamb from the farm.

I’d like to think I’m fairly savvy with money in terms of buying items we use on deal, using coupons (shame there aren’t more around in the UK though), but even getting good quality British meat from the supermarket is expensive, let alone if you’re buying from our local butchers.

Maybe it’s a way for me to lose weight…feed more to the men, then there’ll be less for me.  There’s an idea.

At the moment I think hope N’s going through a growth spurt.   He has a great appetite anyway, but the last week it’s been unbelievable.

As well as eating at nursery (unless he REALLY doesn’t like the food), he’ll have 2 helpings of each meal – main and pudding, plus snacks.  We tend to eat our dinner after he’s gone to bed, but as I aim to cook for 7, and sometimes he’s not in the bath until almost 7, he’s started hovering round me wanting tea with us as well.

I couldn’t believe it on Monday.  I’d not been well so wasn’t having tea, so OH had the treat of extra fish (he always moans a pack of 2 fillets is never big enough for one, and I’d had to defrost a pack of 2).  N decided he was eating tea as well, got a plate out for himself, fork, and sat up at the table.  I’m sure he’d have eaten off his dad’s plate if he’d had the chance.  A small portion of fish, potato and broccoli later and he was happy and willing to go to bed.

At the weekend, he’d had 1 ½ Weetabix with strawberries on, then wanted shreddies and a pear afterwards, plus his cup of milk.  Fine.  But 15 minutes later he was looking up at the fruit bowl trying to grab a banana and a pack of raisins.  I’m trying to ask him now whether he’s hungry before he has food, but now he says hungry so presumably he is.  It’s just amazing that he seems to be permanently looking for food throughout the day.

Being a toddler, he’s obviously running around all over the place, and he’s lost a bit of his sturdiness that he always had as a baby, but I’m astounded as to where it all goes.

Maybe I’m just jealous at all the food he can eat without seeming to put any weight on…he’s been pretty much the same since he turned 2 but just grown upwards.  I don’t know how many growth spurts he should go through, but the eating is ongoing.

toddler and snacks

Are you worried about how much your children eat, or do you worry the other way round, that they don’t eat enough?

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