crying baby in pushchair

Baby product obsessions

I think I’ve got quite an obsessive personality.  Luckily, it doesn’t involve drugs, smoking or alcohol, although anything that involves purchasing habits could get quite expensive, so needs to be kept in check.  

  • I love books, but have tried to cut down by waiting til my favourite authors’ books come out in paperback (blimey it’s a long wait!)
  • Magazines (I only buy a couple on good subscription offers or try and swap magazines with friends)
  • Dance shoes (no point now I’m no longer dancing regularly)
  • Food (mmm, that’s a worry as despite not breast feeding, I still seem to be eating a ridiculous amount of chocolate, cakes and huge portions…need to that change soon).

Avoiding a baby product overboard buying habit

I believe people can get obsessed by baby products.  

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Baby clothes

Baby clothes are very cute, but thankfully nowadays the supermarkets have meant that they’re much less expensive.  Ebay’s also another great outlet to buy nearly new items, plus of course the NCT nearly new sales (I think each item of clothing I’ve bought at these have averaged out at only 50p!). Not forgetting that now there’s places like Marketplace and Vinted to buy and sell clothes.

Of course, babies need a certain amount of basic sleepwear and clothing as they do have a tendency to a) grow out of them fast but b) poo and make a mess of them a lot. But basic sleepwear will cover really young babies perfectly well until they need proper clothing.

Prams and buggies

Prams & buggies seem to be another obsession for some people. I knew I wanted (or needed) a 3 wheeler with pump up air tyres as we’re on a farm, and also wanted a travel system with carrycot etc.

Kiddicare was fabulous to visit as I could try all the 3 wheelers out, and pick the one that was right for me. I chose a Maxi Cosi Mura 3, as I knew I wanted a Maxi cosi car seat*, and in the end for the price and feel, the Maxi Cosi was the best.  It’s made by the same people who do the infamous and fashionable Quinny, but for about £100+ less, it’s a bargain.  I also preferred the way it pushed.

I’ve been really pleased with my buggy – the carrycot was brilliant, it’s really light and easy to manoevre and put together/put down, and N seems to like it.  Once big enough to use the buggy part it’s change again and adapt. The hood for the Mura wasn’t the most substantial but it did its job. Adding a parasol with a clip wasn’t easy. (Maxi Cosi/Quinny manufacturer, you need to realise that selling your parasols with a ‘universal clip’ which doesn’t fit your own prams is a joke, and then means more expense when your customers have to then go out and track down the specific clip).  

I know a lot of people who’ve had issues with their prams, with them either breaking after only a few uses, or just not finding they do what they wanted/expected them to do. So I’m relieved I did all my research, and that I was also close enough to Kiddicare to be able to go and try them all out as well as asking the opinions of their experts.  

Some people get through a lot of buggies…this one lasted reasonably well, at least on the farm, although I did end up buying a Baby City Jogger Mini which was lighter and more able to take on buses/on holiday.  I guess the number of brand new buggies/prams on ebay is evidence of people’s indecisiveness and lack of research.

Pictures show N a few weeks ago after moving into his buggy, having a moan.

crying baby in pushchair

Thankfully I’ve been able to control my urge to buy all and everything for N

Did you ever get a bit obsessed about a baby product or items?

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