From baby bath to big bath

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I finally got round to ordering a bath Babydam as N’s grown out of his baby bath.  I was hoping to see them at the Baby Show, but as they weren’t there had to pay postage and order online.

They’re a great idea – saves filling the whole bath with water as they block it off to make it smaller.  Do need to get a bath thermometer though, as the baby bath had one built in.  Don’t think I got the suction totally right as we seemed to lose quite a lot of water into the rest of the bath, but N seemed to like having more room to move his arms around, and we even had a splash or 2 (trying to move the squirting octopus toy that he hates out of the way!).

Next time I’ll put the ‘plug’ in the porthole and get a higher water level so I can swoosh him about better, then it’ll be more like swimming practise.

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