Karma is sweet – a dirty nappy

My mum had an op the other day as I was going to visit during what would usually be N’s bedtime, it meant the OH was going to have to do bedtime for the first time ever…oh, and that does include changing a nappy.  Yep, my husband in 4 months has managed to avoid changing a nappy.

Now N’s fairly routine in his nappy filling – definitely a morning boy and has been for a long time, so I wasn’t expecting anything drastic to happen.  And although it should have been a bath night, I did let him off.

So off I toddled, returning 3 hours later to a quiet house with a sleeping baby…but annoyed and disgusted OH.  I didn’t believe him until the next morning when I saw the evidence, but he was totally grossed out as N had pooed all the way up his back on his vest.  Now he’s only done that twice, once in hospital (his first meconium poo) and once when he had diarrhoea.  So I laughed and told him I didn’t believe it.

But yep, the unbelievable had happened.  Turns out he’d been jumping happily in his jumperoo and the OH only noticed he’d filled his nappy when taking him up to bed.  So panic ensued, and a call to his mum was required to help with the bath that was needed.  What he was astounded by was the way N just grinned at him while he was getting him undressed and out of the dirty nappy!  What I found ridiculous was that he had even got out his latex gloves that he uses on the farm…you’d think he’d be used to much worse given he’s a cattle farmer.

But, it all obviously went ok as there was a sleeping baby by the time I came home.  It probably means that he’ll never want to look after N for any length of time again unless he’s in bed asleep.  But it gave me satisfaction given that I’ve had to deal with 4 months of dirty nappies on my own.

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