sitting up at 19 weeks old

19 weeks and sitting up

My little man’s growing up so quickly.  He’s now 19 weeks old and well on the way to sitting up totally unaided.  It’s all he wants to do…sod the rolling (he’s tried back to front, and isn’t really bothered unless I ‘help’ him over, and hasn’t even attempted the easy way from front to back).

I removed the head support from his car seat as his head kept flopping forward as there wasn’t enough room for his 91st centile head size, but put him in the seat and he tries to sit forward.  Prop him against cushions on the sofa or pillows on the bed, and he tried to sit again.

So I’ve bought a breast feeding pillow (cheap at the Baby Show) to use as a support cushion for him. Previously he really lent forward in gorilla/tripod pose, almost doubled up as he wanted to fiddle with his feet.  But now he’s starting to sit up straight.  The cushion really helps as the bit that goes round his sides give him something to rest his hands on and hold him upright more rather than having to rest them on the floor and so lean him further forward.  I reckon a couple of weeks and he’ll be able to play with toys without gradually dropping further forward.  Very exciting.

N sitting with his cushion, watching Jennifer Lopez ‘Dance on the floor’

He’s also had the experience yesterday of seeing my brother again.  He’s only met him a few times, so is always puzzled when he sees him – I think he’s a little unnerved by the unshaven stubble look which my brother usually sports.  My brother, the boomerang, has moved home again, along with his ‘Lonely Goatherd’ goat toy – it’s brilliant…sings the lonely goatherd, and sings along moving its head from side to side. N was transfixed.

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  1. He looks so sweet propped up on his cushion.

    They do say babies are supposed to be scared of glasses and beards. Becca will be tough since I have glasses and Dave has a beard!

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