I wanna be like you, oo, oo

N’s at that great age where he wants to do everything that you do (and other things that maybe you’d rather they didn’t do but are part of the growing toddler independence stage – like spending time pulling his trousers down and taking them off).

The latest things I’ve found him doing this week:

  • taking his plates and bowls out of his cupboard and putting them clean into the dishwasher
  • pour out his own breakfast cereal and milk (he insists on having at least 2 different types of cereal in one bowl, strange child)
  • comb his hair (and occasionally try and comb mine).  He’s not very good at this one as he can’t grasp which way up the comb side goes.  But he enjoys it anyway.
  • Undo and take off his coat.  He’s getting quite good at unzipping, and try as he might, I see him putting the 2 edges of his coat together again as though it’ll magically do up.

He’s always wanted to carry (read drag!) his nursery bag, and is quite good at trying to put on his dribble bib (grabs it saying ‘bib’, puts it round the front of his neck), so I don’t think it’ll be long before he’s undressing and dressing himself fully.

It’s just amazing at how quickly they learn these things, and want to learn them, before you even suggest to or ‘teach’ them.

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