A look to a child’s future career opportunities

N doesn’t really have much idea about jobs and what they are.  Apart from farming obviously.  And vets and tree surgeons as that’s what our lodgers do. 

I’m not sure he realises that the staff at nursery have a job doing that?  Maybe he does, or maybe he just thinks he goes there for a play.  I’m not sure.   He definitely has no idea what I do, even though I tell him that my job helps people use less water and create less waste.  Basically I just work on a computer.

Nursery do have lots of outdoor visitors come to talk to the children about what they do, so maybe he does know more than I realise.  They’ve had vets, doctors, army representatives, police, paramedics, firemen and various other professions come in.  But N definitely has quite a good imagination in his role play and activities that he takes part on an everyday basis.

If you ask him what he’ll do when he’s older, of course it’s a farmer all the way.  He’s not shown a preference to what sort of farming, but he does like the sheep (much to his father’s consternation).


You could also say that he’s shown promise at horse riding.  Start on a donkey, you never knew where he could end up.


Then there’s the medical profession.  As I have to go to the nurse to get my INR checks done, he does quite like going to the doctor’s surgery and he likes to tell people where they are while in the waiting room.  And my old Fisher Price medical kit is very useful when he’s pretending to check his dad’s bad knee or back.  Or picking ‘bugs’ out of his hair.


But then he really enjoys playing with hair.  Yes, you never know but he’s showing quite an ability at using the hairdryer and straighteners (I hope unplugged) that they have at nursery.  He loves putting clips in his own hair too. 

Usefully, he likes cleaning the bathroom.  In the bath, he’ll stand as the water drains out, and wash the side of the shower door.  If I’m in the shower, he’ll clean the edge of the bath.  So maybe a future window cleaner

He certainly loves running around.  I’m not sure he’s ever going to break any sports records, but he is showing good connection on hitting balls with his golf club and kicking a football.  I’m hoping he has a tendency towards racquet sports, as maybe then I’ll have an excuse to play again as he gets older.


A favourite activity is music, whether singing or playing his music – he loves his guitar, rocking to music on the tv or radio, and playing his harmonica.  And his song repertoire has come on some way in the last couple of months.


Then finally, he might end up a chef.  He loves helping in the kitchen, although I think it’s really the serving dinner that he likes the most.  Maybe rather than a chef, he’ll become a professional food taster, restaurant critic or just take over the role of Adam in Man V Food.  That’s a competition that he could certainly do well in for his age at the moment, as we’re always astounded by how much he’ll serve up on his plate, eat and then serve himself up seconds which he’ll usually eat too.


When you ask your children what future career they want, what do they say?  Do they know about your job?

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  1. I recently found the analysis done when I was 12 that suggested the best job for me was maths or physics teacher – hmm no, I never even considered teaching.

    I don’t have any idea what B could be, however I have two thoughts for M; an engineer like Daddy or a pantomime Dame! He loves working out how things works and if something has a wheel or hinge he has to play with it, but equally he is very dramatic and loves wearing princess dresses!

    1. Ha ha, mine said history teacher (I wasn’t doing history, and like you would never be a teacher) or post office worker (I like sorting things, but that’s not quite what I was striving for).

      N likes dresses too at nursery. I’ve only once seen him in a more ‘male’ outfit of a police uniform, usually he and his boy friends are in the dresses.

  2. Such a lovely post! Our children could really end up doing just about anything. It’ll be great to see where life takes them! x

    1. That’s it, so much choice, and so many things to introduce them to so they can keep their options open. Thanks for your comment Donna

    2. I read a year or so ago that the majority of jobs are children will do have not been created yet. It is exciting for them, but a bit daunting for parents – how do you prepare them when we have no idea what skills will be useful.

      1. Good point, there’s an awful lot of jobs even now that I’d love to have done had I known about them so the future will be even madder

  3. A beautiful post and N is certainly showing interest in a few professions. For Lewis all he tells me is he wants to clean clothes at Daddys “White Work” – Hubby is a dry cleaner. For Leah (aged 2) I think she’ll be very active and competitive. I’m hoping a future in gymnastics would be for her, shes fantastic on the trampoline already!

    1. Ah, if you ask N, he’s the same. Just be a farmer like dad. I really hope he aims a bit higher than that – at least to work hard at school and get some sort of qualifications to fall back on.

      It is funny how different children can take to things so differently on the active front.

  4. If I ask my eldest (6) what he would like to be when he grows up he tells me a blogger. If I ask my youngest he says ‘I don’t like spiders’. I reckon they both have the right idea lol

    1. Aw cute. I don’t think N understands about me blogging. He just likes looking at the photos, and that mummy uses the computer.

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