N doesn’t really watch many films.  He will watch never ending Peppa Pig or Peter Rabbit, but put him in front of a film and he’ll want you to turn it off after 15 minutes.  Unless it’s Rio. Rio is the one film that he’ll request and sit and watch. Admittedly, I’ve never seen the ending because he always wants it off before the end. Annoyingly, he always wants to restart it from the beginning, rather than where we got to.  Grr.  One day he will let me start from where we reached! But more excitingly, Rio 2 has now been released on DVD this week, with Blueray being released on 4th August.  The adventure continues with Blu and Jewel journeying through the jungle with their children, coming across the evil Nigel again…and Blu’s new father in law. rio 2 dvd N loves the music from the first movie, and Rio 2 packs more in.  Even more celeb voice spotting to be done with Bruno Mars, Andy Garcia and more appearing as new characters, along with Anne Hathaway (I seriously didn’t recognise her in the first). The dvd has an hour of bonus features – sing and dance alongs for the whole family amongst other music and features.  It’s definitely one to check out if you’re a fan of the first Rio. I have one Rio 2 dvd to giveaway.  You can enter via the rafflecopter widget below – just do the task as requested, there’s only one question to answer which is mandatory (don’t forget to return to the widget to enter after leaving your answer), the other entry methods are optional. In the meantime, you can find some activity sheets over at the Rio 2 website.  I love the Rio 2 bingo idea! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Disclosure: I was sent a DVD for the purpose of a giveaway. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Amy Jo McLellan

    I don’t have a child but my favourite child’s film is The Hunchback of Notredame from Disney.

  2. lesley styles

    Despicable Me (or Madagascar – she can’t decide!!!)

  3. Gemma Chantler

    Postman Pat: The Movie and The Lion King

  4. Anita Jagdeo

    The Jungle Book, with all those catchy tunes

  5. Holly Boyd

    Currently watching Brave over and over lol

  6. Linda Streater

    My Granddaughter’s favourite at the moment is The Little Mermaid, but that could well change next week lol

  7. Hayley Kinnaird

    At the moment it is Despicable Me 🙂

  8. alice lightning

    my youngest love all the films rio despicable me toy story etc really enjoys watching them all good family fun

  9. Alison Smith

    So many to choose from, dd’s love frozen, ds1 loves the lego movie and ds2 loves despicable me (especially 2 where they say bottom! He giggles like a maniac… He’s 4 and his sense of humour is in the toilet already!!)

  10. Dee Blythe

    At the moment it’s Frozen, but next week it will be the latest Disney movie 😉

  11. Becca Staples

    Wallace and Gromit – A close shave x

  12. Zoe Bryan

    my daughters is Frozen atm and my son loves Cars

  13. Elizabeth Ferguson

    Mulan is a firm favourite .. lots of laughs.

  14. Elizabeth Ferguson

    Mulan is a firm favourite .. lots of laughs.

  15. Susan Pringle

    At the moment it’s probably Frozen.

  16. At the moment its Frozen but Nativity is the all time favourite!

  17. maxine m partridge

    they go through phases. they always seem to love nightmare before christmas though

  18. Charlotte Hoskins

    She hasn’t quite reached the film stage so can I say an extended episode of Peppa Pig?!

  19. Tara Davies

    Frozen for daughter, Good Burger for my middle boy and Grown ups (1 and 2) for my eldest xx

  20. sarah pearce

    frozen,she managed to get hold of a copy of her own and has been watching it constantly,may need to ‘hide’ it for a while to give my ears a break from it!!!


    Star Wars – I have a house full of boys!

  22. Spencer Broadley

    Anything Horrid Henry – sums my 2 sons up 🙂

  23. Jo-Anne holton

    The Lego movie at the moment anyway!!!!

  24. Lorraine Polley

    my grandsons favourite at the moment is despicable me, he loves the minions

  25. Richard Beesley

    Right now they love the LEGO movie (having seen it twice at school and the cinema) and Despicable Me.

  26. michelle bennett

    One likes epic and one likes mr peabody and sherman

  27. leigh boyle

    eldest is frozen and middles is lego movie x

  28. Andy Kadir-Buxton

    Cars, I cannot wean my boys off it.

  29. lynn heath

    Frozen (and boy have we watched it over, and over and over again!!!!)

  30. Nicole Flynn

    Current favorite is Frozen, but all time favorite I think is Finding Nemo.

  31. Tracy Newton

    Despicable Me at the moment, but it does often change

  32. Kate Milton

    My son and daughter both love My Little Pony Equestria Girls 🙂

  33. nicci cowdell-murray

    My youngest really loves frozen at the moment

  34. Pauline Wilson

    At the moment I think she would say Frozen

  35. Bridget Anderson

    It often changes but they always go back to Home Alone.

  36. Paula Readings

    My Children loved ‘The magic roundabout’ film.

  37. Kiran Parry

    I don’t have a child but my favourite is how to train a dragon. I like family films I have seen the first Rio but haven’t seen this one yet.

  38. my kids love watching film and have lot’s they really love, but at the moment their favourite is Frozen

  39. Sandra Lane

    It changes every week. At the moment they are loving Rio 2.

  40. laura banks

    at the moment i would say the lego movie

  41. My eldest’s fave is turbo and my younger ones fave is the thomas movies

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