Well, I never knew how much conjunctivitis would hurt, but I hate it turn up in one eye during a meeting at work.  I just thought it was dry eye to begin with, but then it felt like it swelled, went all red, started closing a bit, running, and then got a few gunky bits.  Ooh, bending down to pick something up really makes the eye socket hurt.  Very strange.

Antihistamine didn’t help so it obviously wasn’t a reaction to something, and saline eye baths didn’t seem to sooth it.  An hour drive home (via the pharmacist to get some  drops) wasn’t fun trying to stop a runny eye.

So far, nothing seems to be improving.  And I’m getting an itchy right eye, so hoping it hasn’t spread to the other eye as well.  Annoyingly it means we can’t go swimming tomorrow so N will have to miss a week…I just hope after our brilliant breakthrough with it, he doesn’t regress.  It’s annoying missing lessons when he’s ill but even more so when it’s my fault.  Hopefully he won’t catch it as well.  It seems like the pair of us have been backwards and forwards to the doctors loads in the last 6 months.

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