Grampy melt down

N is definitely a Grampy’s boy.

Ok, so he loves the rest of his family too – cousins, Gran, Grandma, aunts, uncles, but it’s always Grampy he wants to see.

Now we have a melt down (or as close as possible to one) if he can’t see him when he wants to.

Any sign of spotting his Gramps outside when we’re coming back in the car from somewhere, and we have to go and see him.  This morning we popped out for a paper, arrived back and although there was no sign of him, N started saying ‘Bampy’ (his version of Grampy) and kicking off because I asked him to take off his boots and coat.  I tried explaining that Gramps would be out working with Dad, but that was no good.  Cue, moaning and crying, leaning on the front door.

Thankfully it didn’t last long, only until he realised that it was almost lunchtime, and there was potential to get a chance to watch Tractor Ted.  

Nothing else really causes him to have a meltdown, but he really is a Grampy’s boy.

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