The nits have hit – headlice treatment for kids

I bet your head’s really itchy now isn’t it?!

We’ve been having messages from nursery going round warning that headlice have been going round, and today I had a call to say N seems to have them.  Here was I hoping that him only having a proper hair wash once a week might have held them off, but obviously not.

Even worse, I have to treat myself as well as him, and do super hot washes of all the pillows in the house because he enjoys coming in bed with me after his dad’s gone out to work in the morning.  Joy.

Luckily, when the notices first came out, I did go and buy some headlice treatment in case he caught them.  Maybe I should have been using the comb regularly, but it just seems like a hassle when his hair’s so short and never needs combing.  It just kind of falls into the right place even after sleeping on it.

boy combing hair

So this evening we’ve been fine combing, spraying on, waiting, and washing twice.

This is all very well, but N hates the shower, so trying to wash out greasy treatment spray wasn’t easy with him screaming.  Unfortunately just swooshing water over his head with a bowl or hands wasn’t going to do the job, so he wasn’t happy.  Then I had to repeat the rinse with the nits shampoo.  You’d think I was really hurting him, when really it was just to get all the treatment stuff out.

boy with nit shampoo treatment on

I’m hoping we don’t have to re-treat in 7 days, and that daily combing keeps the little blighters away.

At least having been treated, he’ll be able to go back into nursery.  I guess I’ll have to keep on with the combing regularly to make sure they don’t come back.

My top products for treatment for nits (affiliate links)

Have your children brought any little visitors home with them recently? What did you find the best treatment?

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    1. Quick get the vosene spray and shampoo. I couldn’t find it in the supermarkets, but Boots came to the rescue. I’m hoping it’ll hold them off now for N

  1. We’ve escaped nits so far – horrible things. I will remember the hot cross buns idea if we do get hit though!

    1. I’m struggling to find the Vosene in our town, but on a mission to get that. Quite a few people on and offline have suggested it, so definitely worth a try to keep them at bay

    1. Ah, that’s the Lyclear spray that we have. It’s way too greasy for my liking, so definitely going to try the Vosene. The bottle we had was only 4 applications, although would obviously go further on N’s hair vs mine. Good to know you can keep them away.

  2. We got lice for the first time a couple summers ago. Ick. The OTC stuff didn’t work even a little bit, so we ended up using a home treatment that worked beautifully. I hope never to go through it again though!

    Stopping by from the SITS FB thread to say hello!


    1. Hi Alison, thanks for stopping by.
      It’s a pretty horrible thing, even though lots of children end up catching them at some point. I’m hoping we can find something that fits in the routine and keeps them at bay.

  3. I am so scared of lice! I got it as a teenager from some kids I was babysitting, and I had waist-length hair. I’ve been traumatized ever since! Hopefully they’re gone for good in your house!

    Stopping by from SITS Spring Fling!

    1. I’m not surprised. So much easier for kids with long hair. Even though there’s no cleanliness issue for why people get them, it still feels unclean as well.

  4. Yep! I’m itching now!! lol
    I have been using the Vosene nit repellent spray and it seems to be working….My girls haven’t had them for ages!! 😀

    1. N hates the shower, although as long as it’s me just tipping water over with a bowl it’s fine. His dad just tips stuff over with no warning which isn’t great. But to get this stuff out, you really need the strength and flow of a shower.

      I’ve been recommended a Nitty Bitty comb which have spirals are a really good for longer hair. So lots of recommendations to have in place just in case.

  5. OOOoh my head is itchy!!!! We’ve had the letters from school, but have to say no visitors so far to our house. Realisitically, t’s only a matter of time though. Think I might get myself some nit repellent Vosene, Conditioner and a nit comb! Good tip about Headrin Once. I have read somewhere that it’s good to ask local advice from the pharmacist because nits can become immune/resistant to some treatments!

  6. I’m hoping mine may have ‘grown out’ of them now. Was really bad for a while whilst they were in infants, but not so bad in juniors. I just use cheap conditioner and a metal nit comb, rather than buying specific treatment shampoos. We tried one once but it made their hair really greasy.

    1. Definitely really greasy. I had to rewash N’s hair this morning (to many screams) because it was still greasy, so will have to get some cheapo conditioner to use instead.

  7. oh the dreaded nits, just be thankful your little man has short hair. All three of mine had nits and the girls both have really long hair. It took ages to get rid of them then they came back again…arrrgghh! Thankfully, since they have moved schools we’ve not had a problem, but I did get the letter the other day saying that nits had been spotted in the school. So far we have been lucky but i’m doing the combing regularly while hair is soaked in conditioner. I always use Vosene nit repellent shampoo which seems to be working right now (Fingers crossed) I’ve found the best treatment is the Headrin Once, because you only have to use it once! Good luck with getting rid!

    1. Ooh good to know about the vosene, might check that out. That’s what’s annoying with nits, they go round so frequently, and they can catch them over and over again. But yes, I’m definitely relieved I have a boy, and his hair’s fine so it’s easy to get the comb through as well.

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