Mountain goat or toddler?

N’s now discovered he can get up onto the living room furniture.  Before he could only get onto the one with the saggy cushion (that’ll be my chair, then!), but now he can just about get onto both chairs and the sofa.

I saw him the other day taking a run up and leaping onto one; made me laugh out loud at him, as usually it’s a a hard slog to pull himself up.  

He’s got a really long body and short legs and still hasn’t worked out he can use his arms to pull himself up. So he’s relying on being able to get one leg up.

It does mean that we now find him happily sat on my chair, bashing away at my laptop, or hanging over the side of another chair trying to nosy at what’s he’s dropped over the side. One day he’ll lean too far and it’ll be a headfirst tumble.

What is it with toddlers and clambering all over furniture?

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