You never lose your shopping knowledge

I can’t remember the last time I went shopping for me, apart from for some new work trousers, which let’s face it is more a chore than enjoyment.  But being online and having a young child means you discover lots of new websites and exciting little things to buy.

However, those little things can add up to quite a lot of money if you’re not savvy (or some would say ‘cheapskate’).  The high street’s a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to kids clothes (a bit pricy – Debenhams designer ranges; a bit samey season to season – Sainsbury’s/Tesco; nightmare to work out the sizes – H&M etc) and unless you live near a really funky baby shop you’re going to struggle when it comes to finding unique and unusual nick nacks and lovely clothes.

So it was great to randomly come across Jellyfingers by chance (doesn’t that always happen) on another blog.

The website holds flash sales for branded baby and children’s gear.  I actually got N’s first SKEANIE shoes through them (bizarrely given I’m one of their SKEANIE Mums!) – there was a great deal on, they had the size and style I thought was great for the summer, the purchase was really clear and simple, although delivery did take a little longer than it might directly, given that Jellyfingers don’t hold the stock, they get it drop shipped from whichever company is holding the flash sale.

What I like about flash sales is you always find out about new products and companies that you might otherwise never have heard about.

The exciting thing that we decided to get involved with was the Jellyfingers Baby Board of Directors.  This enables you to get the chance to test products for them.  We’re still waiting as so far the products available to test have been either for girls or for young babies.  Hopefully we’ll get to see something appropriate soon as it’ll be exciting to try out a new product and give our opinions of it afterwards.  I’m a great lover of sharing my opinions so it’s perfect for us.

Have you got any tips for bargain baby sales?

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