Car and toddler trouble ahead

After just 5 weeks of being away, N has got into some real toddler ways…obstinacy being the major one we’re facing.  Thankfully we’ve not really had full on tantrums, or when they’ve erupted we’ve been able to put them off by finding something to distract him.

His new thing is wanting to get into the front of the car.  Whenever we head out in the car, I always put our bags and things on the passenger seat before putting him into the back.  I may have to rethink this when we’re in a rush as he now tried to pull open the door further, and scramble up inside to sit himself down.

If there’s no room on the seat, he’ll scramble over everything to sit in the drivers seat!  Cheeky thing.

It started when we were away and stopped at a service station, but now he tries it every time I open the front car door.

Wonder what the next thing the little scamp will decide to start doing!?

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