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OK I lied!

So far, so pants at getting back to blogging.

In summary, N & I have been on a road trip holiday this last week, so lots to remember to blog about, but I only had my phone with me which takes soooo long to write anything decent in length.

I’ve got back to find OH has decluttered the house – basically anything not in cupboards/on shelves etc has been put somewhere for me to sort and chuck/sell/whatever.  Which basically means all my stuff and N’s as there’s just not enough storage for all our things (and OH doesn’t really have anything – he’s very minimalist when it comes to having ‘stuff’)…it takes a long time to clear out things.  I tend to blitz every so often, but it’s little and often.  This needs to be everything at once.  Not really what I want after quite a busy holiday, but guess it’s got me off my backside to get organised about it.  I think if things haven’t been sold or found a place for by the end of September it’s all going to have to just go and I’ll say goodbye to lots of books, cds, clothes (most of which don’t fit anyway – still!) and the such like.

In terms of the week away, it was very busy visiting lots of friends and family and getting out and about.  N was a star despite all the car journeys, and he’s learnt loads of new words during the 5 days being away.  He’s loving being back on the farm again…back to normal not being able to get him back inside.  Shame the weather while we were away wasn’t better as we only got a fleeting (wellies) visit to the beach, and didn’t really get outside as much as we’d have liked.

Pics to follow once I can get organised to get them uploaded.

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