must have toy wooden trolley and blocks

Review: Our ‘must have’ toy

Like all families with children, we seem to be overrun with toys (and books).  Luckily N seems happy to play with almost all of them, rediscovering old toys in the bottom of the toy bucket as well as enjoying any new ones that turn up.

The one that I really wanted to get hold for him was the retro style wooden block trolley.  Wooden toys are definitely on trend at the moment and I think everyone’s experienced owning or playing with one of these trolleys when they were toddlers.  I managed to find one second hand and he’s been enjoying playing with it since about 10 months old when he started cruising.

It’s a really versatile toy: as well as being a walker, it’s been a seat, a ‘buggy’ pusharound, a leaning post, a base for building towers, toy storage, wheel turning experimenting fun, and obviously the blocks are great for banging, sorting, building towers and putting in and out of larger containers.  He still uses it as a type of walker/pushalong, but he does also have a tendency to stand on the blocks in the trolley, hold the bar and (with us holding our breath, waiting for a tumble that usually, thankfully, is rare) try and move it with momentum.

It’s a toy that N always returns to so it is definitely a must have toy.  I can see it lasting for many more years as he’s now building larger towers and picking out matching colours (by accident I think), but it’ll be great once he’s learning letters and colours over the next couple of years.

Definitely a toy I’d advise anyone having…versatility and a great chance to reminisce for parents everywhere.

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