Sunday supermarket sourness

Today we had to nip to the supermarket (again!). We had a choice of car parking space due to no-one really knowing that it was open longer hours on Sundays due to the Olympics relaxation of trading hours. We were able to whizz round in record time with N in the trolley. 

On the way round, he’d been doing his ‘blub blub’ funny noises, entertaining an elderly man who had responded and done the same back.

I got to the check out, and again had a bonus in that no waiting was required.  As per usual, I pushed my trolley through to the end so it wasn’t blocking anything and the person at the next check out had her trolley in front of her as she was packing.  All pretty usual in a supermarket.

I was paying, then found an old lady barging through with her empty trolley. Unsurprisingly struggling to get through between the two of us who were actually at the adjacent checkouts and between the two trolleys.  No ‘excuse me’, just trying to bash through. 

Of course her trolley got caught with the side getting caught under our trolley’s handle.  She continued trying to shove, practically crushing her trolley into N’s legs.  He got stressed and started as though to cry because a stupid old woman was getting to close and scaring him, as well as having metal bars almost rammed into him.

I couldn’t believe her.  I told her that maybe she should wait until we’ve gone, or at least ask if one of the trolleys could have been moved. She moaned that we shouldn’t be blocking the aisle way with 2 trolleys…err ‘we’re being served, you’re not in the queue, there’s only room for 2 people/trolleys not an additional one being shoved through without actually telling us you’re trying to come through. Plus mine wasn’t blocking it as it was at the end of the checkout not alongside!”.  She didn’t even apologise for coming close to hurting a toddler or moving our trolleys out of the way.

What I couldn’t then believe was the nice old man from earlier was stood behind me in the queue, so I presume he was with her – he was trying to talk to N again, and I assume either hadn’t even noticed his wife barging through and being rude, or else he made an effort to totally ignore her!

I was astounded at how rude people can be when there was absolutely no need.  You’d think she’d have realised by her age that there is a queuing system in supermarkets.  Or else she’s just plain rude and has no perception about other people around her.

As for her being oblivious to young children being in her path…just mindblown.

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  1. The behaviour of some people never ceases to shock me. I am a ‘fight back’ type of girl, so I tend to say something, and if I don’t then feel very cross with myself (but sometimes you’re just so taken aback by their behaviour).
    Hope you at least feel a little better for having got it off your chest.

    1. Definitely made me feel better. I couldn’t believe it…and she thought we were in the wrong. Blooming old people – it’s always the annoying ones that are out and about being a pain, the nice little old ladies seem to stay away!

      1. You’re so right. One of them was waiting for the bus beside me once and when our bus approached I moved forward to join the orderly and she elbowed me in my heavily pregnant belly to get me out of the way!!

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