farmhouse christmas decor ideas

Christmas farmhouse decor ideas

Sooo, I’d love to say we have a gorgeously decorated house at Christmas, but our house could do with some tender loving care.  It’s not my favourite thing to do – basically I know nothing and ideally I’d like someone to come and do it for me (and the garden!). But I can only dream of how I’d like to decorate with a Christmas farmhouse decor theme.

I do love our tree though.  I upgraded last year from a 20 year old 6ft tree to a beautiful full dew tip 7ft Christmas tree.  It just about fits in our space we use and it makes me smile every time I look at it. 

Otherwise I have a few Christmas candles (for the smell rather than aesthetic). And pretty tealight holders (that I don’t really use unless there’s a power cut).  If I add in my lovely recycled tartan blanket that was a Christmas present gone by, and the OH’s grey crochet style blanket then we have a bit of cosy going on in front of the woodburner with a hint of farmhouse style.

People love to replicate the Christmas farmhouse decor style, which brings a cosy, rustic charm to a house during the holiday season. Here are some ideas to inspire your farmhouse-themed Christmas decorations. (Many of these I’d have if I was given free rein and could make the house perfectly Christmassy.

Traditionally Christmas countryside decor would have been based around tartans and reds in colour. Nowadays a more modern Christmas farmhouse decor is more likely to be white with wooden touches. But whatever works in your house – whether it’s an old house or new build – take what works for you and your home at Christmas.

farmhouse christmas decor ideas

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Christmas farmhouse decor ideas

Have a wood burner: ok, so they don’t work in every home, not everyone has a proper chimney, and some areas have more rules than others over burning wood. But it’s certainly a farmhouse themed style. You can buy electric heaters that look like wood burners. So if you’re redecorating or doing up a spare room, why not try one of these.

Rustic Wreaths: Create a simple and natural-looking wreath using materials like hessian/burlap, pinecones, twigs, and small ornaments. Hang it on your front door or above your mantelpiece..

Farmhouse garlands: Bring the outside countryside in. Try making a real Christmas garland for a mantlepiece or sideboard, add ornaments for colour, or ribbon.

Wooden Ornaments: Think basic style with wooden ornaments for your Christmas tree featuring snowflakes, stars, farm animals from nativity scenes, or other rustic designs.

Mason Jar displays: Fill mason jars with fairy lights, pine branches, and berries to create pretty centerpieces for your dining table or sideboard. Display in odd numbers, as this always looks better for the eye

Hessian or burlap stockings or Santa bag: Replace traditional stockings with burlap stockings adorned with lace or faux fur trim for a farmhouse touch to bring them some colour or extra detail. You could applique on countryside themed motifs like deer.

hessian and natural gift wrap packages

Decorated galvanized troughs or milk churns: Add metal elements from cleaned up repurposed items like buckets, trays, and vases into your decor to add a rustic and industrial feel. These quite often cost a lot nowadays. So if you find a good deal (or have an unused one on the farm you could use), grab it. These are great for creating welcoming outdoor displays for visitors.

Farmhouse-style Christmas signs: Hang up wooden signs with Christmas greetings or countryside-inspired quotes to bring a farmhouse touch to your walls.

Think tartan. Or traditional Christmas colours of red and green. With a nod to countryside, with small motifs on cushions, tablecloths or tree skirts to evoke a cozy farmhouse atmosphere. Keep the colours muted and minimal. You don’t want too many patterns introduced.

Natural elements: Integrate natural elements like pinecones, dried oranges, cinnamon sticks, and real evergreen holly or ivy into your decorations for a rustic look. (watch out for real dried oranges on outdoor wreaths because the birds will eat them all off!

Vintage finds: Include antique or vintage items like old milk jugs, lanterns, or weathered wooden crates for a nostalgic farmhouse vibe. Crates can be used as side tables. Just top with a small tartan ‘table’ cover but still leaving the raw crate wood showing.

Cozy throws and cushions: Add cozy and chunky knit throws and cushions in neutral tones to your sofa or chairs to make your living room feel warm and inviting. 

DIY Advent Calendar: Make a DIY advent calendar that you can reuse year after year. Use small hessian bags or brown envelopes hung on a rustic wooden frame or strung across the mantlepiece. Add a small treat like a chocolate coin or activity into each one.

Candles and lanterns: Use vintage style candles and lanterns to create warm soft lighting throughout your home. They can also send out some great shadows when lit. Set up in a group of 3 or individually.

Farmhouse kitchen style: Display festive tea towels, mugs with Christmas patterns, and wooden serving trays to add the rustic theme to your kitchen.

Wicker baskets: Use baskets to hold wrapped presents, natural decorations like pinecones, or wood for the fire, adding a touch of farmhouse charm to all areas of your home.

You can shop some of my ideas by clicking through on the image below.

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Remember, Christmas farmhouse decor is about simple materials, natural textures, and warm colors to create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. 

What would you add, or how do you decorate your home for Christmas?

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