changing the bed hacks

Changing the bed hacks

Is anyone a fan of housework? It’s great to have a lovely tidy organised house, but doing all the chores to get it to (and maintain that state) isn’t a fun thing to do. So anything that reduces the time spend I’m all for doing. Changing the beds is one of those annoying things. So why not try some of these changing the bed hacks to make it easier and faster to get clean bed linen back on your beds.

There are always surveys being done about how often people change their bed sheets. A Yougov survey had 39% thinking changing bedsheets less than once a week is unhygienic. While a 2017 survey suggested that married people change their sheets every 19 days, but single people can be up to 35 days (with men changing theirs less than women).

One of the best things is getting into bed with clean sheets. But if you’ve got a kingsize bed, or kids’ bunk beds or high sleepers, they can be hard work to change. Not forgetting folding all the linen, or trying to dry bed sheets without a tumble drier or line to hang it on)

There’s a few ways you can make things changing the bed less frustrating, easier and faster to do. And make storing bed linen more efficient.

changing the bed hacks

Changing the bed hacks

Make it easier to find which bed linen goes on which bed. Usually houses have different bed sizes or mattresses, and if you’ve got white or cream sheets for all and store all bed linen in one place, it can be nigh on impossible to know which sheets go on which bed. 

Most people also wash bed linen in the same washload so it’s harder to work it out than if you only wash one room’s bedlinen at a time. I wouldn’t suggest that as it’s not the best use of a washing machine to do less than a full load. Unless you’ve got enough bedlinen to only wash once you’ve got 2 sets per bed ready.

Organising options

Different coloured sheets and pillowcases for different sized beds/bedrooms

Store bed linen in the right bedroom, so you always know which goes with which room.

Mark on the linen labels something to indicate which bedroom so when folding washing you know which room each goes in.

Bed linen folding and storage methods

Wash pillowcases and duvets inside out which can make it easier to put pillows and duvets in them.

Fold duvet sets together after washing to keep the set together.  You can even store the sheet and duvet covers inside the pillowcase.

Folding fitted sheets – make it easy with these multiple steps method.

Store sheets underneath your mattress if you don’t have lots of storage. It helps keep them flat. This works well if you only have 2 sets for each bed. One to put on the bed, the other to wash.

bed linen on bed

Making the bed tips

The sheet label is usually the bottom left corner of the bed. Remember that tip to get the sheets on the right way round.

Put pillows into pillowcases by folding them lengthways in half before putting them into the pillowcase. The pillow will always open itself up inside fine.

Try a burrito roll. Lay the inside out duvet cover on your bed, with the duvet on top (pin them together at the closed end at the corners). Roll them together from the closed duvet cover end. Then pull the open end of the duvet cover over the roll, fastening the cover closed. Then unroll and you’ll find the duvet the right side out with the duvet inside.

Final tip – remember you’ve stripped the bed, and make it as soon as possible. You don’t want to be going to bed and realising you have to make it then.

What do you try to make changing the bed easier?

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  1. These are great tips! I have a king size bed and it can be a pain to change but I love having clean sheets! Love the tip about storing the set in the corresponding pillowcase! I keep all different sized sheets in different plain pillowcases with a tag attached so king, single and double sheets are all easily accessible!

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