Mystery toddler clothing surprise

Today was a bit of a manic start to the day.  I was due up north for a 10am meeting, so OH was due to be keeping N entertained from before 7 and then taking him to nursery.  Usually although he pops in inbetween work/breakfast to say hi, everything that needs organising and doing in the morning with regards to N, I do.

I’d set everything out in his nursery bag, got N up earlier than usual, gave him his milk, then panicked as no sign of  the OH and I was due to leave. So, off to the farm we went, to find everyone there eating breakfast.  Uh oh, N will want breakfast there, but he’s due to eat at nursery.  I left it all to OH – his time to worry about, and then got going.

5 o’clock arrives and I pick him up from nursery to find him in trousers (in 20+ degrees heat), not the shorts he’d been in when I’d dressed him. Nursery said he’d not been changed by them, so it was a mystery as to why he was changed and not in the spare shorts that I’d put in his bag.  Poor little man must have been warm all day being in basically a pair of winter trousers.

Turns out he’d got milk all over his shorts. The OH located 2 spare pairs of bottoms – but supposedly N wasn’t putting the shorts on. Mystery solved, but I couldn’t quite understand why trousers were even an option.  The mind boggles at how a man’s mind works.

Still, N seemed happy enough and at least the trousers went with his t-shirt.

toddler in winter trousers in summer
Trousers instead of shorts?! In summer heat!
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