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Baby hints and tips 4: memories and family

Number 4 in my baby hints and tips series is a bit of a mix, but it’s based on memories and family time.  Having a new baby is obviously a time when you’re finding your way and trying to work out what works for your new family, but there’s often some nice to do things that you always think of a few months (or years later) that you wish you’d done.

memories and family tips


  • Take 1 photo every day so you can easily compare and watch them change
  • Buy a newspaper on the day they’re born (you can order them online at a later date, but it costs you a lot more.  Mind you, on N’s birth date, most of the paper’s were full of a big murder story, so not the greatest momento!)
  • Clarks shoes – they take a photo of them in first shoes (otherwise buy a measure online from them, then buy shoes online for cheaper if you’re confident doing so)


  • Let baby bath with dad – great bonding & fun time.  Plus in theory gives mums time to relax a bit.
  • Bulk cook  – either to stock up the freezer in advance or to have leftovers.
  • Get visitors to do housework and bring meals
  • Online food shop for at least the first few weeks.  I definitely need to get back to doing this now I’m back full time working, but if you’re on maternity leave you can definitely get great deals on free delivery because you’ll be around all the time, and if you’re doing it for the first time look out for lots of vouchers.
  • Get out of the house – walks, groups, anything – it’ll make you feel better and more normal.  But be prepared for lots of people stopping to chat to you and nosy in the pram.

So, short and sweet tips from me and some of my mum friends.


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