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Post Easter fun

Today we had our post Easter NCT get together.  Now I’m back working full time, it’s not often I get to see everyone, so it’s great to be able to catch up and also for N to be with his friends.

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It’s great to see them interact, and now they’re actually starting to play together.  Elefun was a favourite game today – lots of laughing, and surprisingly no fights over the 2 nets.  It seemed four of them playing managed to find their own things to do within the game.  It was funny to watch.

We had vaguely been planning an Easter egg hunt in the garden, but the grass was still very wet, plus there’s nowhere to hide anything (it’s just still grass) and having dogs roaming probably isn’t the best for having chocolate laid around.  So after picking up a bargain plastic easter basket yesterday, instead they were able to help me share out the goodies amongst some little bags.  Apart from one trying to surreptitiously steal extra eggs from the basket, they were really good about sharing them out.

N immediately went off, sat down and started un-peeling all the chocolates.  One in, thankfully he was caught by one of the other mums. Cheeky boy!  Obviously takes after me on the chocolate loving.

Today, we had been hoping for lovely weather so the toddlers could play outside like they had last year.  I’d planned for it (cleared up after the dogs – naughty as they’ve stopped going out in the field), but when it came to it they were playing so happily and I was sorting out food, that I totally forgot to suggest it.


N had already been out this morning though.  That’s the joy of being on a farm, as long as the weather’s ok, there’s every opportunity to be out and about.  Even if that only means going down the drive to the bins.  He did manage to get about half an hour of play before I had to drag him inside to get organised for everyone turning up.  It’ll be brilliant when he’s a bit older and I can trust him to stay playing on the patio, instead of wandering off down the drive as soon as I go back indoors.

on the farm
On the farm – complete with fancy dress shepherd’s crook!
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  1. N looks so at home playing out in the drive there. Farm live will really come into its own for him when you feel he is safe enough to wonder out alone. I now have such difficulty rounding mine up at meal times! Lovely to keep in touch with your NCT group, I still see a couple from my group 15 years on!

    1. I get v jealous of my other NCT friends as they all work less than full time, and 2 are currently on mat leave again. Lots of chances for them to meet up, so I do try and organise things for us all to get together.

      N does love being on the farm. He can’t wait to be old enough to help like his older cousins do.

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