sharpie decorated easter eggs

Project 365 2015 week 14

We’re into week 14, and it’s the run up to Easter, so lots of Easter egg decorating and preparations.  We’ve had a lot of review products turn up this week (or N getting interesting in the ones he’s previously turned his nose up at), so some of the photos are a little on the dull side.

Here’s what we’ve been up to this week.

Sunday was a day at home, and of course a day at home means N went out on the farm with his dad…for all of about 30 minutes before turning up with his cousin to play.  There was a bit of shocking behaviour from N, telling his cousin he didn’t want him playing with his toys, or going on the trampoline.  I had to have words because I could hear him going on and on.  Next thing they were playing as though nothing had been said.

a family helping hand

Monday, N actually decided he wanted to try out the Tiggly cubes we’ve been sent to try out.  He’s been playing the maths game, but didn’t want to use the cubes with the app.  Nope, he just made up his own game – ordering them in size.

Playing Tiggly

Tuesday was a bit of a non-photo day.  I was sorting out my camera battery, then N decided he wanted to take some photos.  Hence the phone selfie and dodgy grainy image.  He took about 40 photos of us, ordering me to pull different faces.

silly selfies

Wednesday, and this week’s been all about the sleeping bag.  It seems to have sorted out N’s early wake ups, with him now being nearer 7am than 6 for waking.  He still has to line up all his teddies in it, even though that doesn’t leave much room for him to actually fit in it.

there were 4 in the bed - sleeping bag

Thursday and we were sent a trunki Boostapak.  I don’t think N’s that excited about having it in the car, but he decided it was the perfect seat to watch YouTube on.  I’m pleased to be trying one out – it’ll be great for using when his cousin comes out with us.

Boostapak seat for YouTube watching

I’ve spend a few days doing Easter-y things, and I got very excited about decorating eggs.  The plan had been to try natural dyes again after last year’s weren’t quite like I’d planned.  But in the end, on Friday, the sharpies came out.  N moaned because I used the whole load of eggs I’d boiled, so I had to do 3 more for him

sharpie decorated easter eggs

I’d planned to take N to Waddesdon Manor on Friday, but the weather was rubbish.  So we went on Saturday instead  He started off by moaning all the time that he wanted to go home, but once I’d hauled him in, he loved it.  It seems to be an Easter trail tradition that he falls over on the trail, hence the mud up his right side.  This was him examining his boots after he’d rinsed them off in a massive puddle.

Muddy and wet from puddles at Waddesdon Manor

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  1. your eggs look lovely – what fab designs and very creative of you.i love the wet trousers and wellies pic – a sign of a fun time i say! and how adorable with your son and his cousin on the trampoline! 🙂
    and i notice that you have a tiger from the tiger that came to tea – how lovely! (i am a little bit envious now)

    1. Well spotted. Yes, we went to see it as part of Kidsweek last year, and both N and his friend were bought on. They were cheaper than the ones I’ve seen recently in a shop which was good – I expected them to be more expensive!
      Thanks for stopping by

    1. Not many that’s for sure. And wet wellies and trousers doesn’t bother them. Him falling over didn’t help things though!

  2. Nice collection of photos, I love a good photo session in the wet 🙂 It may not be as glamorous as sunshine but always makes for a more interesting photo I think.

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