Bath toys and water spouts

So whose children have lots of bath toys?

Once N could sit up, I was keen for him to have something to play with in the bath.  You see all these exciting toys with wheels and spouts for pouring water into, and think it would be great.

He had a penguin which is (was) pretty cool – sticks on the side of the bath and has water wheels on it to spin the water down, but it never held his interest for long.

He also had a duck (doesn’t everyone?) which has gone mouldy inside (grim), and a boat which again he wasn’t that excited about.

The items that he always turns back to are these 3 little shapes/cups some with holes in (I think one originally came with the penguin).  He loves moving water from one to the other, and now likes to try and toss the water back over himself.

Sponges are ok for washing…but he’s found they’re great for throwing to make a big splash when they’re already full of water.

The best bargains have to be reusing old shower gel bottles as squirters.  Who needs to buy bath toys when a Palmolive shower gel bottle does the job.  It makes lots of bubbles getting the water in, and then he can wash himself pouring the water out again.

One of his other disgusting habits has to be drinking the bathwater out of his little cups.  He obviously thinks the hint of bubble bath just adds that extra flavour.  I don’t think it helps that his dad puts water in his mouth, then spouts it out at him (or me!). Delightful habit to be teaching him.

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  1. We have lots of ducks, but I hate how all bath toys get so mouldy! My son would spend ages pouring water between cups, my daughter isn’t so interested and prefers playing with the water with a sponge. They have both also drunk the bathwater from cups though, I try to see it as a learning experience!

    1. Glad to hear it’s not just mine drinking it…obviously cleaning out their insides! Today it was Matey flavoured from the old shower gel bottle he plays with. Lovely.

      Couple of friends say they stick duck tape over the bath toy holes. It’s pretty gross though

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