Sunroof fun

My new car has a panoramic roof.  Not actually a sunroof (I’m not a fan of those as I’ve found in the past they can end up with seal problems and therefore lots of condensation and ice inside the car), but one of the glass roofs that make you feel like you’re driving in the open air.

Hmm, not convinced.  The selling point that the salesman made was that it makes it feel bigger inside the car.  Er, it’s a Qashqai, I’d say they feel quite big inside anyway.

But as I ended up with the car spec that included one, we have one.  I generally keep the inside roof closed though rather than having it open and having to put up with the rain lashing down on the glass.

However, the salesman should have tried the selling technique of ‘your kids will love it’ as N’s obsessed with it.

‘Open, button’ he orders.  I open the roof up.  After a couple of minutes of him gazing out to the sky, then squinting as the sun (yes, there has been some brightness recently) comes right into his eyes, it’s


Then a bit later he wants it open again.  Thankfully he’s usually happy with only a couple of open and closing, but it’s great for a bit of amusement on a long journey.

It also distracts him from wanting to try and open the doors – thank god we found the child locks.  Crossover size cars obviously have the door handles at exactly the right height for him as he never once tried it in the old car!

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