What makes summer great, the best of summer - Bubbablue and me

Summer breeze – the best of summer

We’re nearly into official summer season but with the weather in the UK last week, it’s felt like we’ve had a bit of summer already.

Summer isn’t my favourite season, it’s hot and sweaty, too many layers need to come off, it’s hard to sleep when it’s too hot, and you don’t want to be in work when outside looks like beautiful weather.  But there are some good points, and following on from my Autumn, Winter and Spring posts, I’ll finish off with summer and what makes it great.

What makes summer great, the best of summer - Bubbablue and me

The hits of summer

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No need for coats on days out

Swimming in the outdoor pool

Feeling and looking healthier with a bit of colour

Emerging freckles

Living in flip flops or Birkenstocks …all the time outside work

Ice creams from ice cream vans

Ice pops from the freezer


Colourful gardens with pretty flowers

Eating al fresco

Pimms in the sun

Summer weddings and garden parties

Letting children run wild in the garden

Animals in the fields

Harvest time – going to take tea and food out to the fields

Chasing the combine

Bales in the fields

Bike rides

Afternoons in the park


Frisbees and croquet on the lawn

Summer holidays

Feeling sand between your toes

Beach days

Paddling in the sea

Camping trips with friends

Warmth on your back

Sun bathing

Watching a cotton wool clouds go by

Reading a book outside

Being woken by the morning light


Salads and quiche

Sports day and being proud however fast or slow your child is

End of year school church service

Remembering what children have achieved through the school year

Sitting down by the river and watching boats go by

The fresh smell after summer rain and thunderstorms

Newly mown grass

Moaning about how hot it is

Driving on a sunny day with music blaring out

People in good moods

Singing along to summer songs

Looking out to sea at Watersmeet beach


bouncy ball in the sky


sunflowers in a row in the wildflower meadow butterfly world project

picnic tables at Feast weekend Waddesdon

making a sand mound

Combine harvester at work

What bits are the best of summer for you?

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  1. I think summer is over! Well it hasn’t felt like it today. My favourite things about summer are beach trips, fish & chips, picnics in the park, BBQs and gatherings will all the kids playing, sitting outside in the evening, seeing the garden in bloom and smelling the jasmine brands outside the back doors, not having to bundle coats and layers on to leave the house and being able to base outings around somewhere outdoorsy as my toddler just loves to run!

  2. What a great list. Being able to leave the coats at home is a big one for me, and we’ve had salads for the last couple of nights running. I love how you added in moaning about the heat

    1. Our office is the worst – no-one person is ever happy – the air conditioning is bliss for me, but others get too cold. But I guess we have similar issues with the heating in winter!

    1. Thanks Kim. Yes, definitely not a fan of heat – early 20s works for me – warm but so I can still get out and about without feeling uncomfortably hot.

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