gift guide for farming fans kids

A Christmas gift guide for farm kids or farming fans

It’s not easy thinking of gifts for children, but if you’ve got farm kids or children who’re farming fans then I’ve got you covered with this Christmas gift guide ideas for children. I’ve chosen a variety of gift ideas, from cheaper to higher budgets. There’s something for all ages.

gift guide for farming fans kids

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Christmas gift guide for farm kids or farming fans

Toddlers to early years

Tractor Ted – N (and pretty much all of our farming friends’ children) loved Tractor Ted when they were small. All based on the green tractor called Ted, children can watch his adventures on the farm doing different jobs. It’s educational, but fun. Apart from DVDs, there are stationery gifts, books and these great Tractor Ted pyjamas.

Happy Hopperz – these inflatable bounce on toys are great fun for young toddlers. Pick your Happy Hopperz* animal.

Little Farmers Club gift box: a fun gift box or subscription which helps children find out more about farming aimed at age 2-8 years. Includes things like seeds etc

Shleich farm animals – good quality solidly made animal models/toys. Choose the child’s favourite animal or breed.

New Holland Rolly Kid tractor and trailer – If you’ve got the space, these pedal tractors are brilliant for ages 2.5 to 5 years. N had a John Deere one which he mainly used indoors so it stayed in great condition, but I’d also got him an old knackered second hand one which was great for outdoors.

sitting on his John Deere tractor

John Deere electric gator*: If you’ve got the money and space, or want children to be able to do jobs in the garden or around the farm, these gators are good fun. Ours was a negotiated gift when a tractor was purchased, but if you have several children to get the use out of it, they’re definitely worth the expense. Ours went through 2 cousins before getting to N when it was already about 8 years old, then we passed it on to someone, and it’s gone through their 2 children (it just needed a new battery by that stage). I really think it’s helped N’s spatial awareness when driving, he seems to take to any vehicle so far really easily, having started on this gator age 2.5 years.

gator gardening work

Living nature soft toys*: I love the highland cow, but they’ve a good range of real looking soft toys.

Primary age children

Britains farm vehicles and buildings – my brother had a huge collection as a child which he kept immaculate…until he donated it to N who then played with it at a much younger age, and it’s now just piled in boxes. We’ve also got vehicles on the farm from 40+ years ago – although most isn’t perfect anymore having been played with by several sets of family members). Great for children’s imagination, as well as discovering more about the to scale models. One to keep to hand down through the family.

Young Stock magazine subscription – launched in 2021, this magazine is aimed at children up to 11. It covers all aspects of farming in the UK and beyond, from livestock to arable. Although they state up to 11 years, N found it too young for him age 9-10 as most of it he knew about already. So I’d recommend it for up to age 9, unless you’ve got non farming children who want to know more. From £3.99 for one magazine, or subscribe for a year for £42.

Farm show tickets. Agricultural shows range from smaller local shows to vintage fairs. From the large traditional agricultural shows over several days like the Highland or Yorkshire Shows, to more town and country style ones that are more about shopping than farming anymore (like the Countryfile Live shows). So pick your show carefully – most will have activities for children.

Trip to a farm park – with plenty of animals, activities for children and outdoor play areas, spend a day at a local farm park as a family gift. Try Cotswold Farm Park, Odds Farm, Bucklebury or try somewhere like the Yorkshire Museum of Farming.

Diggerland vouchers. We never managed to make it to any of the Diggerland locations. The attraction gives children the chance to drive diggers of all sizes and types. Just check the minimum height for the different diggers, you want to make it worth taking them.

Tractor manufacturer merchandise. I was surprised last year at how cheap the New Holland merchandise N had added to his wishlist. He got a nice navy hoody, and t shirt (which he’s probably grown into now). It was only about £20 for the two. I’d expected them to be much pricier. The OH isn’t a fan as we have John Deere on the farm, but N’s sticking to New Holland as his favourite. Most manufacturers sell merch too, so you should be able to find your child’s favourite. Don’t forget tractor branded overalls.

Tweens and teens

Farming Simulator game – for Xbox, Switch, PS and PC. A game all about building up and working your farm. N buys his digitally via Steam for his xbox and laptop, but you can buy disc versions too. There’s a Farming Simulator* (22 was released in November 2021).

If you’ve got a Tom Pemberton fan (he’s a farmer with a huge Youtube following if you don’t know), then why not gift one of his Farm Life merch to your tween or teen. From mugs, to beanies, t-shirts to highland cow softtoy, there’s options to choose from.

Penknife. If they’re taught how and when they can use it, a penknife is a useful fool for farm children.

Tools – I know of parents who gift tools for birthday and Christmas gifts. Over the years they build up to a full toolbox. I think it’s a great idea, and probably something we should start thinking about for N. Not just for farm children, but great for all going into adulthood

Hopefully you’ve got some ideas for gifts if you have farm kids or farming fans, but let me know what I’m missing.

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  1. Love all of these ideas! I think the gator must be my favourite as me and my sister had something similar growing up. Alas, it wasn’t on a farm and we jumped on far too many feet! I also love the idea of farm visits!

  2. That’s cute. Great ideas. My Mom grew up on the farm, and our extended family lives in farm country.

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